What is A Table Saw Fence? Overview 2021

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Today I will discuss What is a table saw fence? If you are a woodworker you need so many things like a claw hammer, Chisels, Mortice chisels, mallet, hand saw, backsaws, coping saw, block plane, jack plane, sawhorse, workbench, router table, spirit level, combination, square, marking knife or pencil, marking gauge, calipers, clamps, circulate saw, power drill, compound Milter saw, table saw, saber saw, band, saw, hand planer, surface planer, random orbital sander, router. Now you can build your woodworking project with these tools.

As a woodworker, you must know the importance of an appropriate What is saw fence while cutting the wood. One of the most important parts of cutting wood is having it because an improper cut ruins the entire workpiece. You have to get the perfect cut all the time.

Let’s go straight into it.

What is a table saw Fence?

This equipment is used to get the perfect cut of the wood all the time. It is made up of Aluminium, metal and also wood. It is a T shaped pressure block slides in the cam block with rough, sandpapered. Table saw consists of a circular saw blade mounted on an ardor. The depth of the cut depends upon moving the blade up and down. The higher the blade the deeper the cut is made.

It should have the following qualities.

  • The whole table fence is easy to 
  •  Installation must be easy.
  • Smoothly locks
  • Comes with a lift-off design
  • Comes with a 3 point locking system
  • Fits perfectly
  • Strong built quality
  • Has a wide right angle.

Wooden Table Saw fence

If you are a beginner it’s one of the best options for you to cut your wood perfectly with wooden saws. As a fresher, you can’t buy expensive and metallic saws. You can make a wooden saw of the table with just two pieces of half-inch plywood glued and clamped together.

This type of This types Saws

Portable saws of Table Fence

Portable table saw easy to carry and you don’t need to rip sheets of plywood. Portable table saw.

3 models in this portable table saws.

1. Benchtop Saws

The benchtop is lightweight and small dimension allows them to be picked up and carried from one location to another with relative ease. Benchtop doesn’t have any stand they rely on a table or a workbench that’s why it called benchtop table saws fence.

Benchtop qualities Saws

  • Provide accurate measurement
  •  Easily adjustable router
  •  Lightweight
  • User friendly
  • True square
  • Adjustable tracking knob

2.Compact Saws of Table Fence

The compact table fence is larger as compared to the benchtop table fence. Look similar to the contractor saws but offer a smaller table size.

Compact qualities Saws

  • Great rip capacity
  •   Provide accurate measurement
  •  Fast and easy adjustment
  •  Have a solid miter gauge.

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3. Jobsite Types saws

They come with support stand larger in size used by trade professionals. Mostly used on construction sites and designed with a light frame.

Jobsite qualities Of These saws

  • Convenient to use
  •  Good safety feature
  •  Has the sturdy structure
  • Great fencing
  • Lightweight with support stand

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Stationary Saws

Stationary table saw are generally used by professional woodworkers and used to making cabinets.

3 models in this stationary Saws

1. Contractor Saws

The contractor table saw fence is specially designed for professional woodworkers. With the help of this fence either you can make a cabinet, flooring, or any other renovation project. It can be used on the Jobsite or in the shop.

Contractor qualities Saws

  •  Great quality made up of iron or steel
  •  Have an open stand
  • Has offshore motor
  •  Has a clear and sharp blade

2. Cabinet table saw fence 

Cabinet saws are specially designed for heavy construction. Cabinet saw come with induction that you to run with long times. In this fence you can increase the rip capacity of your table saw upto50. 

Cabinet saws qualities

  • Has reliable access
  • Has powerful motors that reduce the amount of vibration
  • Very durable
  •  Has a great extension that allows you to increase the rip capacity. 

3. Hybrid Saws

The hybrid saw is a combination of contractor and cabinet table saws. The weight of the hybrid saw fence is less than the cabinet buys it and more than the contractor saw it provides the feature of a cabinet saw comes at a lesser price than a cabinet saw.

Hybrid qualities of it

  •   Has modular guard system
  •  Has modular guard system
  •  Good rip capacity
  •  Dust collection cabinet to keep fence clean
  • Has great scissor design for fast assembly and portability.

How to use it for ripping 

Ripping is one of the simplest things to do with this product.

Step 1

Unplug the table saw and fit a rip blade on the top of the table fix the blade not more than  ¼”  above the thickness of the wooden and adjust the position of the rip blade with the teeth facing the front of the table saw.

Step 2

Fix the rip fence by locking the lever on the front of the fence into place and then sliding to its inner edge. With the help of measuring tape measure the distance from the fence to the edge of a saw blade.

Step 3

Place the material to be cut on the table with the rip fence do not make contact with the blade to the material before reaching speed.

Step 4

Firmly the rip fence with one or both hands whichever is necessary to control the material. Use a table extension to support your material if it is long and extend.

Step 5

Most important thing is to keep your finger away from the moving blade. Cut your material sharply according to your design and measurement.

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How to clean This product

The first step is to remove the blade, fence, miter gauge, and rails. Apply any rust remover liquid all over. The chemical may little harsh you must use gloves and safety glass while doing this.

After removing all the rust and corrosion it’s time to remove the rust from your table saw. With the help of metal polish clean, the rust all over the table saw.

After you are finished doing all this when everything is clean apply wax to seal the table’s finis and lubricate the entire surface. After applying a wax it’s time to reinstall the blade, fence, miter gauge, and rails.

 Buying guide

It is the core of any wood piece. The heart of any woodworker. There is lot many more thing you need in your saws.

Let’s see what you need to check while buying your own table saw.

 Is the fence parallel

This item is one of the essential parts of any table saw. This product is in a square shape. Your saw fence should a rip fence parallel to the blade that can be adjusted to a different distance from the blade to the size of the final cut and a sliding crosscut fence perpendicular to the blade. They are typically used to guide or secure fence


It is used to get a perfect cut to the wood. A perfect cut can only give the appropriate design of your wood piece.

Rigid means an inflexible, rock-solid saw that enables to provide a fine, sharp cut according to your measurement and design. Your table saw must be of a strongly built quality cause that only provides your required shape of the material.

 Easy to install

Some of the tables saw fence is too difficult to install on your setup you may have to do an extra hole to fit the fence. So, avoid all these difficulties make sure you know how to install your saw and understand the design entirely.

Table saw size

This saw come with lots of variants in different size and shapes. You must evaluate the required size and get the appropriate fence for your wood piece.

 Rip size

Rip provides cuts on your material. Extended rails give a larger cut. The size of rails is directly proportional to the cutting size you need to understand the application to the perfect rip size of saws.


The article provides you all of your questions regarding what is a table saw fence, types of saw how to use, needs to know before buying this product. This article solves all of your queries and provides all the information about this item. while buying a it you must have to look at all the elements which is describing here. 

Whether you are a professional woodworker or a new one you need to have proper knowledge of the items. The appropriate this product as your preference solve all your difficulties and improve your wood piece. 



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