What Is A Dado Blade  And What Purpose it Will Considerable?

What is a dado blade

Andrew del Sarto is an artist but, he occasionally dabbled in Carpenter. Since he is a hobby carpenter, he sometimes has to make wooden things. Making wooden things is not so easy. To do this, Andrew has to cut the wood properly and polish it. Again, he has to do various works of art on it. As Andrew was facing trouble to cut down the wood’s groves and joints properly, he looked for an excellent tool to cut wood.

In the end, he finds out a suitable tool for cutting wood through Google, and that is a dado blade. What is a dado blade? It’s a thought-able question for Andrew.

Like, Andrew del Sarto, many of us didn’t know about dado blade. As a result, we make mistakes and ruined our time and money.  Here, I attach some critical pieces of information and useful conceptions about the dado blade, which will help you most. So let us get started.

what is a dado blade
dado blade

What is a Dado Blade? Biographical Analysis

As we know, the dado blade is a tool for cut out the joints and groves of the wood in an appropriate size. In a word, we can define it as a saw blade for table saws, which used to cut out the groves from the wood.

The dado blade is generally used to give slots. It is a constituent to come or seize together as an example: the door councils, mantelpiece on a case, or chiffonier, the internal part of the bed or etc.

A Dado blade or a wooden knife is a complete item that sold out in the trade separately. Before purchase it, you should have to check out its saw specifications.

As a fresher’s, you have to consider some essential characteristics of a dado blade before buying one. Here, I included some of the attributes of a dado blade, which you must consider.

Categorizing of Dado Blade

There are mostly two types of dado or wainscot blades in the mart. These different types of dado blades are using for other purposes. The complete resume of these dado blades is giving below to think about your benefits.

 Stacked or abundance dado blade set

Stacked or abundance dado blade set is a series of cutters stacked. It is a combination of a more comprehensive or large blade assembled or attached. You can also call it a home depot dado blade. This type of dado blade sometimes looks like a sandwich.

The Stacked blade is mainly a set of a chipper blade between the outer edges. Stacked dado blades usually have about 2 to 4 teeth, which depends on its manufacturer design. To gain the desire length and width of the cut, you can change its external pattern.

By this set, as you can easily measure the number of chippers. It will help you to determine the cut’s length. It helps you re-shape or tuning your wood to a beautiful design or architect. Dado set comes after as a standard form either is it made from metal or plastic.

Stack dado blades gained its nobility over the market places or industries. It happened because of its versatility and high ranked performances.

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Wobble Dado Blade

A Wobble dado blade is similar to a stacked dado blade for its working capabilities. But it has some dis-similarities also. Mainly a wobble dado blade is a solo or single blade. And that blade can work as an offset rotation or movements.

You may think that the blade must look like a wobble as its name. But it suggests for this name for cutting the wood’s swayback. And the plate’s confines are recognizing as the forth curved “S” pattern.

The wobble blade has two shafts to cut out the wooden things. The blade adjustment helps to refer to the outer plate that benefits would you in determining the c cut’s acquired width. You can gain your custom cuts by adjusting the lead on the edges. And by rotating the machine’s external plates.

Wobble dado blades are not as good as a stack dado blade, but they are less expensive. Wobble dado blades often cause vibrations, which making them a less favourable choice in the marketplace.

Why and what are these blades used?

In the above questions of a dado blade, it is a common question as to how to use a dado blade and what purposes these blades used. These answers are given below to remove your confusion and dilemma about them.

Dado blades used for many purposes. The necessary work of it is to cut out the wood in a proportion way. Here I give a list of a table on the uses of blades.

Home accessories   Formal Accessories 
Book-shelves.  1)Former table.
Dividers.  2)  official door pannels.
Drawers.  3)  Interlocking parts of a desk.
Cabinets.  4) the joining part of the chair’s handle.

What is the resolution of a Dado or Alcove Blade?

As you are in searching for a what is a dado blade? But it’s been an incomplete answer for you without attaching the purposes of a dado blade.

Mainly, a stacked or assemble dado blades set will have two carbide-surmount outer edges. Stacked dado blades frequently have more teeth than the inner blithesome blades. The per capita superficial edges must have appointed on the apiece side of the stack. You should remember that the side of the stack can not be interchangeable.

Then perceive the chitty of the edge’s outer surface individually that says which one should be outward-oriented.

Stacked dado blades have two external blades that may sound like standard run-of-the-mill saw blades or cutters. Between the two exterior knives or knives are a series of middles or dagger blades. 

 These cutters or dagger blades have fewer cog. Perhaps, you can easily adjust the number of extremity and wedge. That sword and quoin will help you to depart the all in all extent of your cuts.

Acquarates Sizes Of the Dado Blades

Dado blades are different in size and functioning. The dado blade set is a set of a table saw or wheels. It mainly consists of 8-inch diameters of outer parts. They typically included these following chippers. These are:

  • 41 per 8th-inch thick chippers.
what is a dado blade
Dado blade

11 Per 6th-inch chipper. 13 Per 32-inch chipper.

The outer blades are usually 1per 8 inches thick. You can select these different types of blade. And It will help you set up about any thickness you can imagine.

The cuts span that you make will length up to an inch as your impulse. You can attain virtually magnitude raised to that entrance of the wood.

The manufacturer’s ultimate shape become vary that either it is a star shape or a full shape. On another side, most of the dado blade sets have a diameter of 8- inches for a 10-inches meter saw. This measurement is essential for groove not as only used for through cuts.

Again, the stacked dado blades also have also smaller blades, including 6 to 7 inches varieties. Be aware of attaching your blithes and edges to the stockpile, that the gnasher on the plates next to each other is not impressive. They should have bewildered otherwise. Hence, the teeth of the blade confined to overlap slightly. It would help if you did not align them because it may cause chips or break the edge to press up against each other

What Types of Joints will You Make by a Dado Blades? 

Though we know that Dado blades used to cut out the joining parts of the wood. If you are not eligible for what types of joints you can make with a dado blade. You will not be gain your goal. You can make a diversified joint with the help of the shank. I have emphasized some of the joints that  dado blades in detail on the given below :

Dado and Groove joints by a dado blade

Dado and Groove are the indestructible artisan relatedness. This work is tranquil to do if you are using an authentic brand. For doing these joints, you have to make a three-sided channel in one piece. These wood portion will assist in coming across the wood’s kernel, and the other workpiece of the wood can interpose that groove.

This cut is incredible shear resistance because of these inserted pieces has adjusted on three sides. This boundless shear is also furnished auxiliary veneer area for the epoxy resin to bind or tie.

Where do these joints have used?

These joints are generally used for good projects. As an example: cabinets and bookcases where the shelves can attach properly inside the manufacturer’s side. And the sides where the partitions can not need to be move.

These Joints are also using for drawer dividers, partitions, and other kinds of applications. Despite several kinds of uses of such joints, it’s important to learn how to build it up approximately from amateur to professional.

Rabbet or indenture joints

A rabbet or indenture joints are a type of joints or a dado cut that is considering a groove along the edge of a wood. This typical joints also allow it’s founder to easily attach a piece of flush with an item. As a result, the part of the wood has a lip that can fit into a groove.

Rabbet joints create a visually stunning and impressive effect. These joints have aimed to create the illusion that the material made from only solid pieces. That can components fitted together tightly and strongly.

Where do these joints have adjusted?

  • These joints are often adjusted for making a cabinet tops.
  • You can even re-shape this joint by creating a rabbet cut to slide it in place. It would be better if you have operated it or without screws. 

The main work of these screws is to lackings the setting of the top pieces. And adjusted it in with a butt joint.

Tongue and groove adjustment joints

Tongue and groove joints are alarming joints for a dado blade. Tongue and groove joints are a combination of two pieces of wood that join together. And it is staying aligned or orient in one plane.

The centre tongue of these joints produces from one or a single board. These joints fit into the groove of an adjoining board or platform. This type of joints is beneficial for a strong electrical or mechanical bond and ideal for edge to edge joints.

It is also incredible for its allowing manufacturing about expand and contract.

Where do these joints have typically used?

  • Tongue and groove joints are spontaneously using in flooring, Paneling, and Parquetry.
  • They are consideringly used for two pieces of wood joined together to maintain a smooth surface.
what is a dado blade
Dado blade

Half-lap adjustment joints

The Half-lap adjustment joints are suitable for those looking to connect two workpieces together. These joints usually create between two pieces of wood by creating overlap shapes or adjustment.

The half-lap joint is more popular for it’s twisted pair interlocking systems. In these joints, you have to remove half of the material. 

Then joined two pieces of woods together for avoiding thickness. It would help if you cut away half of the thickness of two overlapping boards of the joints.

Where do these joints have used? 

  • First, the half-lap adjustment joints basically used to connect the two joints and fix them together form one flat face.
  • Second, these cut pieces are overlapping interlocked systems. And there are also left some plenty of areas for the glue.

 In spite of these typical joints, you can also use a dado blade for the circular saw. By these circular saws, you will able to make a homemade table saw, router table, disc sander and etc.


In a word, the Dado blade can look pretty terrifying and sometimes get a little harder to work with this device fledgeling. But you can become attainable assets once while you get the ultimate learning capacity. And to put them together and utilize them with stratagem. Sometimes people think that these blades are vicious to use. Yes, it is a matter of worried, but not all edges need to be hazardous to be around.

It would help if you had used safety precautions seriously to avoid any freak or misadventure. For taking safety defence, you need not worry about danger. While using these blades, keep the children and others far away from working places.

Finally, I can assure you that the above situations will help to give you a clear idea. Also if you want to know how to build a table workstation you can read this article of ours and the strategic way about what is Dado Blade and its proper use.



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