Ridgid vs Dewalt table saw Overview 2021

Ridgid table saw Vs Dewalt table saw

It’s an overview of Ridgid table saw vs Dewalt table saw. Ridgid R4512 Table Saw is the table saw with better power that cuts the wood more smoothly than any other. The Polished cast surface reduces the vibration at the time of cutting wood. We have DeWalt, a renowned American company.
It provides high-quality products for better customer service and provides a table saw with lightweight features that help cut wood more precisely.
However, the best thing about Dewalt is to use non-professionals who don’t know how to use it. This rigid vs. Dewalt table saw is available in a portable form which means it is easy to move from one place to another.

What Is Ridgid

Ridgid tool company is a hand tool American manufacturing company founded in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio. It is the subsidiary of Emerson electric. The headquarters of the company is in Elyria in the US. The company manufactures over 300 types of hand tools and more than 4000 models in various sizes for various industries. Some of the tools are for plumbing, pipefitting, construction, and HAVC trades.
The company also works for power tools mostly used by TTI and wet and dry vacs, electric tools, pipe, tubing tools, drain cleaning, hydraulic press tools, generators, pressure washers, etc. Its distinctive red pipe wrenches are the best product for which the company knows for.
The company’s mission is to produce better products for the world’s expert tradespeople as thousands of tools are being put in use by various operators every day in very rough conditions under heat and humidity.
Through these tools, Ridgid provides better work. It can smoothly work in extreme heat, cold, stand with dirt and mud, and perform better efficiently. The world’s leading tool manufacturer company, Ridgid, does not provide the professionals to do their job efficiently and quickly. The layman who does not have much knowledge to use these can also use them comfortably.

What IsTthe Dewalt Table Saw?

Dewalt is an industrial tool company born in American famous for its worldwide production of varied sorts of power tools, hand tools which are utilizing in the development site, manufacturing, and also in major woodworking industries.
Ridgid table saw vs DeWalt table saw

Ridgid table saw vs. DeWalt table saw.

DeWalt is a subsidiary of Stanley Black and Decker, incorporated in 1924. The founder of the company is Raymond DeWalt.
The headquarters of the company is in Towson in the US. The company grew quickly when reincorporated as DeWalt incorporation in 1947. To rebrand its professional-quality and supply high-end tools to its customers, Dewalt puts their efforts on these features. ELU’s technology uses DeWalt for the manufacturing of tools.
After 2001 the company produced more than different power tools and more than 800 accessories. In 2011 the company launched a line of contractors’ hand tools, including adjustable wrenches, utility knives, tape measures, pliers, saws, and hammers. They expand this line in 2013 by producing wrenches, ratchets, and sockets. This company is associate with producing lightweight consumer tools for household appliances.
Before making any comparisons, it is essential to understand both companies’ features and specifications. The main difference in the Ridgid table saw vs. Dewalt table saw is given below.

Comparisons of Ridgid vs Dewalt

Now, we are going to the Ridgid table saw vs Dewalt table saw in various aspects :

Better Quality

The quality of products matters a lot. Quality contains the type of material using to make the product and its life span. If the material used by the company is of superior quality it automatically increases the life span of the product.
Also, if the quality is good then the consumer will ready to pay any cost for that product. Quality also affects the accuracy and efficiency of the work. So we can say that quality is a significant factor compare to any product.
Dewalt table saw is a portable table saw or we can say is easy to carry from one place to another. It is very light in weight that is why much preferable at the Jobsite. It comes in better colors which give a premium-quality look.
It comes fully assembled and provides tuning for its proper working. The base of the table saw is very sturdy which gives better work experience and vibration-free work. The blade can adjust to different degrees and allows you to have a retractable blade.
Whereas Ridgid is also built very sturdy with a weight of around 75 pounds. The body of the table saw is cast with aluminum and remaining with plastic. Although some of the users find it finds difficulty in use plastic body it prevents from the glitch.
You will get this tool with the following features: blade wrench, blade guard, miter gauge using it, folding stand, mounting hardware, switch key, rip fence, 15 amp combat table saw, blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, user manual which make user easy to use. Even you have not to anything separately to use it.
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Better Performance

The evaluation of performance is critical as it tells how well the table saw work with different materials like plywood, Mahogany decking and pressure Southern yellow Pine, etc. To compare the table saw for the performance we are looking at the speed of the blade under the heavy load and how much amp is consuming under the high load. Take an example of a car that is going up a hill needs heavy engine power same as with the table saw

Blade Speeds (rpm)

The blade speed cutting does the main measurement of performance testing. Blade speed reduction of the motor under different loading conditions tells us the performance of the machine. We got an idea of how much our motor or gear Box combination of the table saw is strong through this test. The records of the test are making by the experts.
The speed capture while cutting the wood in(rmp) in blade speeds. Instead of the publishing value given by manufacturers, we use measured no-load speeds. A digital laser non-contact tachometer is an employer to live ed to measure the performance.
On each table saw blade, a piece of reflective tape has adhered. In the following way, the saw blade comes just behind a carbide tooth and tape must be on the top of a wood cutting surface which allows capturing the blade speed during the cuts.
A power feeder is using to know that material put through the saw at the same feed rate. After a sometimes recording, you will find that there is a piece of reflective tape on the left side of the blade near the power feeder. From this test we got to know that the blade speed is ranging between 7 percent of Ridgid and 11 percent of Dewalt.
In the next test of blade speed cutting a double pressure was put on the table saw and we got to know that 27 percent of Ridgid and 23 percent of Dewalt lowest blade speed drop in the test.
After testing both the companies with various other company we got to know that the lowest average drop in blade speed of Ridgid got the third position and DeWalt got the fourth position.

Motor Amp Draws

Another attribute is to measure how much a table saw consume amperage under various loading conditions. To measure amp draw we use three types of material the first material is plywood which is using to measure the power-consuming.
The developed consumed 32 percent of energy whereas the Ridgid consume 120 percent of amp during working on plywood. After testing lumber wood we got to know the lowest increase in amp draw is 77 percent at DeWalt and 184 percent at Ridgid. After working on Mahogany decking, we realized that the lowest increased amp draw t 59 percent followed by DeWalt at 103 percent, and Ridgid at 157 percent.


power is one of the most important attributes of any table saw. Because through the power we got to know that hardly it cut the wood. A table saw can not punch the wood harder and slow down the work if the power of the table Saw is not so good. Specifically when working with common lumber and plywood. So the powerful saw helps to cut wood more easily and definitely it is the point that one should consider at the time of purchasing.
If we talk about the DeWalt table saw, it provide more power than any other. The machinery and the DeWalt table saw makes it more powerful than any. So it is advisable to the consumer that if it has to work with a difficult type of wood then it must go for it.
If we talk about the table saw provided by the Ridgid company it is less powerful. It can not work with that efficiency as the DeWalt table saw can do. This doesn’t mean that the Ridgid table saw is not powerful. It is much better than any other company. If we talk about comparing it with DeWalt then it lacks behind in this attribute.


The accuracy depends upon easy calibration adjustments made by the table saw. While working on the construction site usually new table saw is purchased typically for 18 months. When these saw hit the site and put into immediate use. They rip countless stacks of the sheet with their saw which sometimes causes non-tolerance of machines.
In such a case saw’s accuracy becomes an important point to make sure. If the saw immediately put in use then the success depends upon the out-of-box accuracy from the producer. The precise cuts and the safety of the operator are depending upon the accuracy of the table saw. The more the table saw is accurate, the more safety and precision are taken care of. To check the accuracy of any table saw we compare it on the following parameters :

Table Flatness

Evaluation of table flatness is done by measuring the edge of the precision ground flat bar over the table and measuring the difference between the table and the ground bar by placing the feeler gauge in the gaps. Through these four directions measurement is taken.
As we face the saw we measured from flatness of the arbor to the front to rear; the flatness of the upper left to the lower right table corner; measures left to the right flatness of the arbor and in the end the upper right to lower left flatness between corners is measured. All these steps are compiled together and ranking is performed from 1 to 3 according to their flatness.
After measuring all these attributes we got to know that the front-to-back flatness of DeWalt and Ridgid is the same and rank by 2. The flatness from left to right of the table saw of DeWalt is more than Ridgid as DeWalt is rank by 2 whereas Ridgid by3. If we talk about lower to upper-right then Ridgid got 2 and DeWalt got 3 as rank which means Ridgid has more flatness at this parameter than DeWalt.
Based on the upper left to lower right Ridgid is ranked top position whereas DeWalt is ranked by 2 which means Ridgid is better than the DeWalt. If we compare subtotal flatness score DeWalt got 9 points and Ridgid got 8 points. If we check the final table flatness ranking Ridgid got 4 and DeWalt got 5 in rank.
Ridgid vs Dewalt table saw

Ridgid vs Dewalt table saw

Accuracy at 45 °stop

A Wixey WR365 digital inclinometer measures this accuracy by the expert. This device measures accuracy of 0.1 degrees. When wisely gauge placed on the table and sat to zero on calibrated the inclinometer is out of the gouge. After that, the measurement was taken of the table saw.
At the factory set 45 degrees stop, the blade’s adjustment is made through the saw mechanism and hit the gauge and measurement were recorded.
This process is performed twice and repeatable measurements were taken. The accuracy results at 45 degrees came out in which Ridgid table saw was almost a full degree from the 45 degrees stop whereas DeWalt gives a deviation of 0.1 degrees.

Vertical 90 Degree Stops’ Accuracy

The Wixey VR 365 digital inclinometer is used by experts to measure the factory sat accuracy at vertical 90 degrees stops. This device has an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. When this device is placed on the table and calibrated the digital inclinometer to the table by setting it zero out the gouge.
The measurement was taken when the expert moves the blade to the position of 70degree of vertical approximate the gouge is attached to the blade and used the saw mechanism to hit the factory set 90 degrees vertical stop.
This process is repeated twice and measurement was taken within 0.1 degrees of the prior test. The result shows that the Ridgid table saw perfect at 90 degrees and DeWalt was only a small amount by 0.1 degrees.


Price is a significant factor as it decides by the budget of the buyer. The features like power, pinion fence, a rack, and a solid stand make the price of the tool is an incredible option to chose the product.
Currently, the selling price of Ridgid is dollar 399 approx. Including the stand whereas with the heavy price tag of dollar499, DeWalt provides a table saw with great advantages of the contractor-grade saw, a great fence, and a perfect stand. In Ridgid, the colors are limited to orange whereas in DeWalt three color options are yellow, black, silver.

Mitre gauge

Through the Miter gauge, we can measure the angle Ridgid at which the saw can make special cuts on the wood. Calibrated protractor of miter gauge help to make a more precise cut in different ways. If we compare DeWalt with Ridgid.
DeWalt has a locking mechanism with 27°positive stops. The angle of this model varies from 0° to 45°. To make various cross cuts on the piece we need to set up the meter gauge at a more appropriate angle.
But DeWalt model cannot low to initiate wider crosscuts due to the lack of T- track present in the model. The Ridgid model provides better quality and suitability for cutting due to a higher notch of meter gauge. The meter gauge comes with a lifetime warranty for any type of breakage. Also, the meter gauge is in T-style which provides a better wider crosscut to the user.

Blade Parallels To The Mitre Slot

gauging 35-125-4 digital dial indicator is used by the expert to measure the blade position of the table miter slot. The measurement is taken of 0.0005 inches of accuracy.
As this device is installed on the table saw by the experts the measurement test is taken to ensure that wobble of the blade doesn’t enter into the test result a single mark is put for the point of reference.
The blades were moved in front of the saw to allow the indicator to hit the tooth immediately. The blade of the saw is rotated by the experts to see The contact of the same location of the tooth behind the carbide portion.
The rear of the saw merely put clause together to the miter slot and the blade, this gave a negative reading in the indicator and if the rare of the saw put away from the blade and the miter slot then a positive reading is given by the miter.
All these experiments show the following readings. The extra calibration is provided by the Ridgid table saw to make the blade more parallel to the miter slot as compared to the DeWalt table saw.

Saw Fence And Mitre Slot Must Be Parallel

The rip fence of the blade provides safety and accuracy to the operator. As we testing the parallelism between the saw blade and the miter slot in the previous step at a different amount that we need also to measure the miter slot parallelism to the rip fence. This parallelism is also measured by the eye Gauging 35-125-4 digital dial indicator.
For this, the fence is placed in the locking position about 1 inch from the blade in the opposite direction from the miter slot. Now the dial indicator is adjusted according to different movements and readings were taken. This indicator starts reading from zero and shows reading according to the movement.
The dial indicator gave negative reading if the fence and miter slot are close to the rear of the saw and gave positive reading if the blade and miter slot are far away from the rear of the saw.

Blade runs out

Blade run out is an essential part to measure the table saws accuracy. While holding the motor shaft, how much the outside edge of the table saw wobbles is described by running out. By using a table saw an operator can measure the run-out. The perfection of specific bases is important to the flatness f table saw.
To ensure accurate run-out measurements the expert use Freud’s calibration plate. This plate measures the tolerance of +-. 0005 inches. The experts removed a diabolo blade and installed a calibration plate. A black mark is placed before taking measurements the same dial indicator provides the test measurement in mm units.
Careful measurements need to be taken while rotating the calibration plate by using outside Rin. At the time of rotation, the maximum reading is recorded by the dial indicator. Each reading was taken at the time of running the test. As we look upon it we find that DeWalt runs out ranges from 0.00079 whereas 0.0005 considered very good. DeWalt that third position inaccuracy.


Ergonomic is an important category that is considered while purchasing such a tool. Ergonomic is the fusion of designing and producing tools that will reduce discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury and improve workers’ efficiency. Through ergonomics, we can enhance the feature of tools such as riving knives, safety switches, angled handles, and non-slip coating.
The tool which not only eases you’re but also prevents the operator from getting injured is the key feature of the tools which the user must take into consideration.
Ergonomics are the guidelines that increase human performance and make our job easier while considering ergonomics we should check on the following factors that is accessory storage, fence, weight (tool and stand), ascending stairs, power switch location, adjustment of the riving knife, guard, stand, stand leg adjust, decibels and height.
After measuring all these factors of DeWalt and Ridgid we got to know that DeWalt is better in ergonomics than Ridgid. Whereas Ridgid provides a better stand range from 80 lbs. The DeWalt build their saw with the professional contractor in mind whereas behind in this feature.


Safety is paramount. Especially in the cutting instrument, there is more chance of accidents or mishaps. Some of these accidents lead to the end of career life. So to avoid these accidents we should take care of the safety measures in the tool. Safety is must be prioritized while buying a power tool. It would help if you never compromised with safety and security for paying less price.
For the DeWalt, table saw a proper manual is come to use it. You can easily download from your site and also make sure that you should wear all the safety apparatus while using these tools. In the smart guard system of DeWalt, a push stick and blade guard are featured. This smart guard system protects the user from sharp rotating blades experts understanding of this tool is very important. It is always advised to use it with expert knowledge.
The Ridgid model also provides a good safety system to its users. An anti-kickback mechanism, blade guard, riving knife, and easily accessible safety switch for the security of their operator is provided by the table saw of Ridgid for its safety measures.
The manual for assembly of all these products is elementary that anyone can easily do by going through its manual and assemble it without any problem. The anti-kickback eliminates the chance of injury when the saw material cuts the wood at different angles. Besides all this protection the smart guard helps in having a clear view of the contact of blades with the material.

Rip Fence

The long structure helps the saw blade to run parallel. As the parallel alignment helps to make more clean cuts on the wood piece by the fence guides. The rip fence of the DeWalt table saw is a well-tuned pinion and has a rack system. The fence of the DeWalt model is easy to set and hold the pieces much firmly which helps to rip pieces excellently in a very position.
It is easy to set up a fence in this model. The only lack point is the downside fence that accumulates dust at the time of use which in results make it less efficient. Ridgid has a telescopic fence system. This system is ideal when the cuts are wide for that you may need to make specific pieces of wood product. The extension capacity or telephonic


precision is another attribute which is taken into consideration as if you get to know that you have made wrong at the of final assembly it worst moments of life. As you have to spend a lot of time making all this and got wasted due to wrong cuts.
Table saw’s lack of precision not only leads to the wastage of your precious time and money but also leads to the waste age of the efforts that you made in doing the work. If we compare both the companies then Ridgid provides you with better precision than any other company.
As the handle of the table saw of Ridgid comes with oversize which leads to easy adjustment of wheels. Through this, you can make cuts according to your needs without any mistake. Precision is one of the main features that is provided by the Ridgid company. On the other hand, if we talk about the DeWalt table saw it does not provide much accurate precision.
Normally a command man who uses the table saw for his household work finds it difficult in setting the size. So we can say that, if we compare both the companies at the attribute of precision then the Ridgid table saw is more preferable than the table saw of DeWalt company. As it provides better precision than any other company.


It has been seen that normally consumers prefer the product which is easy to assemble and took less time in assembly. If we talk about the assembly of the table saw it is found that Normally a table saw to 50 minutes to assemble depends on the structure of the saw. But some saw takes the double time to assemble. It means that the assembly of every table saw is the same.
It depends upon the expertise that how much it takes time to assemble it. Even after the experiment, it has been finding that both tables saw that is Ridgid table saw and DeWalt table saw both take equal time in assembling. So it is advisable not to consider this attribute while purchasing the table saw as it has a negligence effect on the product.

Portable Ridgid Table Saw and Dewalt Table Saw

Portable is another important feature. As everyone wants that the product they buy it must be easy to carry from one place to another. If we talk about the table saw every time the user has a swift table saw after the completion of work. Sometimes the work is for a week. And if you take this factor as your priority you must go for a DeWalt table saw compared to Ridgid.
The DeWalt table saw provide you with better and easy transportation of its product. It is easy to carry from one place to another. The expansion system of the DeWalt table saw is one of the best. The expansion system helps them to bigger material without any hurdles. Ridgid has failed to provide such an expansion system with a portable facility. So it is advisable to go for a table saw by DeWalt company as it is better portable than any other company.

Maintenance and warranty

As every machine needs maintenance or service from time to time so that it can work properly. If we do not take care of the table’s maintenance, we saw there is a chance of breakdown and cause heavy loss. So it is essential to see that the company should provide proper maintenance. If we talk about the DeWalt and Ridgid table saw, they have low maintenance cost and uh don’t have to worry much about these tools.
There is less chance of their breakdown but you should use them properly and clean them properly after every use. You also need to lubricate them from time to time to avoid any destruction. All these steps automatically increase the durability and the lifetime of the tool. Still, after that also if you face any type of breakdown then you can consult the respective certified service centers. Ridgid comes with a 90 days warranty but you have to make sure that you purchase it from the authorized seller only.

Rolling Stand

The rolling stand is a type of structure provided in the base of the table saw. In some saw this stand is not provided you have to it market which incurred extra cost but in DeWalt and Ridgid this stand is available in the accessories to provide by the product. So need to buy and incur extra cost for this. These stands have which saw movable from one place to another.
This gives the workers the advantage to move from one place to another according to their needs without any hurdle. The Ridgid model provides a collapsible gravity-rise Base saw, which makes it easy to move the saw. But the DeWalt is far more affordable than any other table saw provided by the company.

Dust control

Everyone thinks that a 15 amp motor makes a powerful and fast model. But a caveat, however., the scattered sawdust on the working site makes the place tidy and unsafe for work.
It also creates a chance of injury or any serious accident. The visibility of the carpenter got impeded due to the presence of sawdust. And also for remodelers who need every precise detail of the material they are working on.
The model of DeWalt has two dust ports to all the sawdust and to prevent injuries. One port is 2.58” on the table saw and another is 1.5” placed near the blade guard assembly.
These ports are designed so that you can attach the vacuum cleaner for the extraction of dust from the port. While in the Ridgid model a single dust port is placed to gather the sawdust. The size of the dust port is around 2 inches. This dust port is placed upon the aluminum table of the saw.


Horsepower is the power at which the table saw work. The DeWalt draws 2horsepower to work on the job site for cutting table saw. Ridgid 4hp to work on job sites. It is important that a table saw consumes less power. The less power is consumed by the saw the more is preferred by the users. We review the Ridgid table saw vs Dewalt table saw.

The Ridgid Vs Dewalt Table Saw Pros And Cons

  • DeWalt‘s pros
  • Powerful motor
  • Less power consuming tool
  • Easily Portable
  • Ample of the working surface
  • Aluminum table
  • Ideal for narrow cuts

DeWalt‘s cons

  • Limited use with dado blades
  • Cannot make grooves

Ridgid‘s pros

  • Cast iron table
  • Accessory slot
  • Oversized
  • Power
  • Micro-level adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Versatile

Ridgid‘s cons

  • Not portable
  • Low-quality handle
We have to try to cover to which a user thinks of while purchasing a table saw. Whether it is a household operator or some expert everyone gets the answers to their questions. Every small piece of information is delivered through this article regarding the table saw provided by both Ridgid table saw vs Dewalt table saw.DeWalt is one of the most famous tables saw. Thousands of people are using it Ridgid table saw vs Dewalt table saw.
DeWalt provides an efficient tool from last years and that also without any glitch. It is the best option for the beginner as well as for woodwork enthusiasts. Considering its fantastic features and facility, it is a pretty well affordable tool. It is also been awarded by amazon as the ‘Amazon Choice Award ‘.
The DeWalt table saw becomes consumers’ choice on basis of its portability and power. Ridgid becomes the customer’s choice based on its cast iron table and oversize table adjustments. Ridgid creates its place due to better quality at an affordable price.
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