Dewalt table saw VS Kobalt table saw Overview 2021

Dewalt Table Saw VS Kobalt Table Saw.

Today I am going to discuss Dewalt Table Saw VS Kobalt Table Saw. The saw table comes in different sizes, prices, and features. So, you should know about any product which you are going to buy. Dewalt is one of the most popular tools by the company, and it is also Amazon’s Best Choice Award. It also receives thousands of complimentary views. On the other hand, Kobalt is also good but no more than Dewalt. It has quite an attractive look. 

If you want to buy any tool, you should buy it offline because in this buying method we will be satisfied with the physical look, design, and quality of the device. In offline purchase touch it, hold it, and can estimate its size according to your requirements, need an area of your tool. In online purchasing, we only see its pictures and decide to buy it, which is not better than offline buying.

What is the Dewalt Table Saw?

This table saw is easy to use and transfer from one place to another because of its compact size, and also it is less bulky as compared to other saws. These table saws are available in two corded and cordless. They offer a rack and pinion fence system to make its functions fast. To ensure they provide features of a metal roll cage that stand up to a rough.

Faster and simpler to adjust makes by the tool-free guarding. This table expertly designs to make any job worker’s life easy. This is a Professional woodworker one of the favorite job site tables saw. Its metal roll cage ensures. Job site durability provides a guaranty. For ripping 4×8 plywood or OSB sheets, its variety of cuts is 24.5 inches of rip capacity.

 Easy access to the site pro guarding components provides by its onboard storage. It also has a push stick when not in use. This Table Saw is available in 3 styles (32” rip w/ mobile stand, w/2pk of blades, and Saw w/ 40 tooth blade). Its item dimensions LxWxH is 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches. It is available in 3 colors (black, yellow, silver table saw/ stand). It is amazon’s choice and the best-selling product on amazon.

What is the Kobalt Table Saw?

 Kobalt table saw makes this saw table budget-friendly by making a few changes in it. Kobalt Table Saw increases the left rip capacity by 3 inches but removed the outfeed support. Kobalt purposely decrease the weight of the table saw from its predecessor and add rip capacity by 3 inches.

Perhaps the most significant change is in the sliding fence a common gripe about the last version that now has one latch instead of two. This table saw also called “Budget Friendly Saw”. It makes our life easy because it is easy to set and adjust in any place, which is like a “Premium Feature”. 

 It’s 2x ample power to cut, making it one of the best. Everyone likes its low weight and small size as it is an easy transfer from one place to another. Finally, the curved legs extend pretty far past the edge of the table, creating a trip hazard/shin buster. Altogether, this new Kobalt job site table saw is a capable budget performer that shows Kobalt is committed to quick improvements. 

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Essential features of Kobalt Table Saw are:

  • Sliding rip fence locks into place with double latches for accurate cuts every time
  • Quick-folding stand with wheels provides portability and convenient storage
  • 2.5-in dust collection port conveniently fits a vacuum or dust collector
  • Locking miter gauge allows for a wide variety of cross, rip, miter, and bevel cuts
  •  Its 3-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind and satisfaction. 

Difference between Dewalt Table Saw and Kobalt Table Saw

Here we will discuss the technical difference between Dewalt Table Saw vs Kobalt Table Saw. There is a lot of difference between the Dewalt Table Saw and Kobalt Table Saw. For Example, the difference in Rip Capacity, dimension, and RPM, etc. Similarly, their Voltage, Power Source, Blade size is the same. 

RPM: Dewalt Table Saw RPM is 3850, and Kobalt Table Saw RPM is 5000. Kobalt table saw has high RPM as compare to Dewalt table saw.

Power Source: Power 0f Source  Dewalt table saw and Kobalt table saw are the same. Both are available in Corded Electric. But Dewalt available in both corded and cordless. 

Weighs: Dewalt table saw weight is 45 lbs and Kobalt table saw weight is 88 lbs. Kobalt table saw weight is more than the weight of the Dewalt table saw.

Voltage: Dewalt table saw has 120 Voltage. The same goes Kobalt table saw which voltage is also 120. The voltage level of the Dewalt table saw, and Kobalt table saw is the same. 

Rip Capacity: Rip Capacity one most important features in Table Saws. The rip Capacity of the Dewalt table saw is 20 inches and the rip capacity of the Kobalt table saw is 30″right and 14″ left.

Color: Dewalt table saw is available only in one color and the Kobalt table saw is available in two colors. Dewalt table saw is available in yellow color, and Kobalt table saw is available in Silver and black.

Dimensions: Both Dimensions are different from each other. Dewalt table saw dimensions are 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches and Kobalt table saw dimensions are 26 x 19 1/2 x 34 inches.

Blade Size: Both have the same blade size. This feature is the same in both Dewalt, and Kobalt table saw. These both Table saws have 10 inches Blade size. This is the plus point in both of them.

Warranty: Both table saws provide three years, and this is the greatest thing for both of them so that we can enjoy the service of the brand for three long years. 

 Dewalt table saw VS Kobalt table saw Table of Contents:

  • Easy to use
  • Safety Features
  • Built Quality
  • Dust Collection System
  • Power and Performance 
  • Maintenance and warranty
  • Table Saw Pros
  • Table Saw Cons
  • User Review and Affordability
  • Conclusion
  • What kind of saw to buy

Easy to use

Dewalt table saw is so easy to use and works on it due to its design and features. You will feel very comfortable while using it. Due to its small size, you can quickly transfer it from one place to another without difficulty. It has a rolling stand which also helps in moving. You can easily adjust with the telescopic rails due to its tools fence system. At a different position, you can lock. So whenever you need the same cut, you will not require extra calibration. In most of the saw table, two persons needed to operate the saw its most significant advantage is you will not need any additional person to perform loading and unloading problems.

Functions and designs of Kobalt table saw are quite tricky from Dewalt table saw. You will not feel comfortable as you think with the Dewalt table saw. Maybe it is comfortable, but it has many qualities. It has the best quality of the folding stand. We can fold it and place it even in a small place. You need to press the foot lever and raise the handles. This quality can beat any other quality.

Safety Feature

Safety features of power tools are very important. Because if a power tool does not have safety features, it can cause danger. But Dewalt table saw has all the safety features which you will need in a power tool. This table saw has a riving knife which prevents the wood piece from kicking back. This table saw has the advanced function of transparent blade guard gives you good clarity of line to cut. It also has a push stick, which gives you safety. Kobalt table saw also has a safety feature which will be enough for you in a power tool. 

This table saw has a sliding table fence, push stick, etc. Many users reported the issue of riving knife misalignment, and you can solve this issue you have calibration once in a while. This table has lots of safety features, but you should make sure you are using precautions. You should wear safety glasses, hand gloves, and earplugs.   

Build Quality

Here, you will come to know the build quality of both tables saw. Dewalt table saw design is quite attractive, impressive, and sturdy quality as compare to Kobalt table saw. According to the prize, the Dewalt table saw is under budget. Its design also has been improved. You do not have to purchase or search for the necessary tools for this table saw. Because according to the company, it is a tool-free fence adjustment system and because of this table saw your work experience would be better than others. 

Its telescopic fence system gives you easy and accurate measurements and calibrations. Before buying and using the Dewalt table saw, you should keep it in mind to read out all about its functions and user manual. Its dimension is 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches. Its sound level is 100 dB. Its weight is about 54 lbs. It runs at 120 volts.

On the other hand, the Kobalt table saw also has a pretty sturdy quality. If you use it properly, it will last for years. Due to the wrong setup, many people who used it reported the issue of wobbling while using its max capacity. It just happens because a table saw an incorrect setting. Due to its small size, it is easy to transfer it from one place to another. It comes with a rolling stand which also helps in moving it smoothly. So, after buying it makes sure it is fully set up and ready to use. Three years warranty also describes the stability of this table saw. Its weight is about 68 lbs. 

Dust Collection System

Many people would like to see Dust Collection System in any tool. It makes our work easy and fast. This feature is essential for any worker. Because this feature will decide your work experience will be clean and effective, ripping or not. Dewalt table saw has a 2.5-inch dust connector where you can easily hook the vacuum. Sawdust collected on duct bag which you will get along with your Dewalt saw table. According to the company, a dust bag is capable of extracting dust up to 90%, but in reality, it can extract only 60-70%. 

Power and Performance

You should check the power and performance of the table saw. Because it would be silly if buy table saw without knowing about its power and performance. Dewalt table saw has good power. It can easily cut different kinds of material when there is no load in it. Its speed can be up to 3850 RPM. It has a 15 Amp motor with 1850 watts of power.

Kobalt table saw comes with 10 inches blade, which can cut different kinds of woods. Dewalt table saw, and Kobalt table saw same 15 Amp motor but its RPM speed is better than Dewalt table saw. Kobalt table saw RPM speed is 5000. Its user complains about its heating problem, but it happens due to continuously using it.

Maintenance and warranty

We should know the maintenance and warranty of the table saw. If the table saw, have portable care because this makes our life easy. Dewalt table saw is not so good at maintenance. It would help if you had to check it frequently. This company provides three years warranty, one-year free service and 90 days payback guaranty. They are quick to respond. Their customer is the best. They never ignore their customer and provide the best service to all of them.

The maintenance level of the Kobalt table saw is terrible as compared to the Dewalt table saw. It can burn out. Majority user complains about its heating problem. But its three years warranty is the comfort level for every customer.

Pros of Cons Dewalt table saw VS Kobalt table saw

The table has lots of advantages which can neglect you should know Dewalt table saw positive before buying Table saw or any other product.

Pros Of Dewalt Table Saw

1. Its blade angle adjustment is easy and makes your work effective.

2. It will save you time

3.These machines can cut any kind of material. Because this machine produces high torque.

4.It has a 15 amp motor with 3850 RPM, which is smaller than the Kobalt table saw. E) This table saw is very light weighted and small, that’s why it is so easy to transfer it from one place to another.

5. It will be perfect for a beginner because of its affordable price.

6.Many saw tables are quite difficult to clean, but this table saw is easy to clean. H) This company provides a three-year warranty with one year of free service.   

 Pros Of Kobalt Table saw:

1. At the initial level, this table saw was quite expensive for everyone. But, now its price is reasonable. Now everyone can buy this saw table. 

2. It has a high-quality carbide blade which very sharp and stays sharp for a long time.

3. This table saw is quite easy to use as compared to the Dewalt table saw go user manual, and everything will become easy for you. 

4. Onboard storage is too good,   


Cons Dewalt Table Saw:

Like positive points, we cannot neglect its negative points which are more important to notice. So, here are the negative points and reviews of the users:

 1.The biggest Con of this Saw table is that you can’t use a dado blade.

 2. It has only a 20-inch ripping capacity which has to be better.  

3.Many parts of this table saw are made up of plastic which can easily break or tear. D) This table saw comes with 24 tooth blade which is not attractive.

Cons Kobalt Table Saw:

 1.This table saw needs a double lock which takes a lot of time and a kind of comfortability. B) In the beginning you will face difficulty due to the stand, which is a pro as well as a con at the same time.

2. The knob of blade adjustments is at the back, which causes difficulty for everyone. 

User Review and affordability: 

Dewalt Table Saw: 

The majority user gives positive reviews to this table saw. This table saw is the winner of the best-selling product on amazon and also a winner of amazon’s best choice as there is no fault in it, but there is nothing in the world without any problem. The cost of this table saw is around $400 is expensive as compare to the Kobalt table saw.

Kobalt table saw:

This table saw is best for beginners. If you want to try this work, you should take start with the Kobalt table saw as it is easy to work in it. Its rate is lower than the Dewalt saw table. It is available for around $300.


Above we discuss different points and aspects of both Dewalt Table Saw VS Kobalt Table Saw. One is best for beginners and the other not, one is cheaper, but the other not, and one has a stand option but the other one. Likewise, there are lots of aspects. So we can conclude that everyone should know the positive, as well as negative aspects of the table, saw. 

We should check it physically not online because physically you can judge them. If you want to purchase a table saw of amazon choice, then you should buy a Dewalt table saw but if you are a beginner and want to buy a table saw in a cheap amount then Kobalt will be perfect for you, as it is easy to use. It would be best if you read all aspects of both and then decide to purchase.



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