10 Best Table Saw Under 400 Review & Buying Guide 2020

best table saw under 400

A good quality table saw is very necessary for woodwork and other crafts. Most table saws in the market are very expensive. If you want to buy the best table saws under 400, follow the list below carefully. In this article, I have discussed the table saws that are of high quality and also affordable. However, here we have selected the kind of table saws that are of high quality and affordable.

We know you prefer to use your investment only in the right cases. So here we keep some best table saws at reasonable prices. You can fully review the table saws with reviews and ratings. You can even compare it to conventional saws in the market. If you want to buy the best table saw under $400, be sure to read the full article below. You will find here the top 10 best table saw under 400.

Comparison Of Best Table Saw Under 1500

Image Product Key Features Price
81nZuEi9wgL. AC SL1500 DEWALT Table Saw For Jobsite, * 24.5 inches rip capacity
* Weight 53.3 pound.
* 5800 RPM motor.
* Power 15 AMP.
Check Price
61pTjnqf86L. AC SL1000 Skil 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw. * Fast, smooth and accurate cut.
* 4×4 cutting capacity.
* 2-47′ BEVEL capacity.
Check Price
71Q33pM H8L. AC SL1500 Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw. * Weight 465 pounds.
* 115V power motor.
* 42×33×53 inches.
* Excellent stability.
Check Price
61tf8vTWdyL. AC SL1000 DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw. * 12“ carbide-tipped blade
* 26.77×21.85×18.9 inches.
* 42.8 pounds.
Check Price
41574BNypCL. AC JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower * 4“ dust collection port.
* 3-horse-power.
* 50-Inch rip fence.
* weight 510 pounds.
Check Price


1.DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE748)

DEWALT table saw is one of the best table saw under 400.  This product is very popular for its versatility and efficient performance. The product can provide overall protection to its user as well as efficiently cut any type of wood. you’ll use this table saw if you would like to figure hassle-free.

Weighing 5.3 pounds, this saw is easily portable. You can use this saw to cut wood at a 90-degree angle to a 90-degree depth. The saw has a 5800 rpm motor and 24.5 rip capacity. It is capable of cutting large pieces of wood as well as thin strips of wood.

A special feature of this saw is that it can capture the dust that has accumulated on its blades, leaving your workplace clean and free of dirt. So, if you want to buy the best table saw at an affordable price, feel free to buy this product.


● It can be set up very easily.

● Durable and long-lasting.·

● 5800 rpm powerfull motor.

● Easy to use.


●There are no accessories·  

2.Skil 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw – TS6307-00

Skill 15 AMP 10-Inch table saw is one of the most popular and amazing table saws in the market. This lowes table saw with RECK and PINION FENCE RAIL can cut wood of any size very quickly and smoothly. The blade of Skill 15 AMP table saw is 10 inches 24 carbides tipped blade. This saw allows you to easily make any exceptional design on any wooden blade due to the high-quality blade and sharp blade attached.

But will perform the work very quickly and skillfully. The user can easily control its speed. It is capable of cutting wood at 90 degrees with a depth of 3-inches. This amazing saw is equipped with a 15 AMP motor and will cut everything like butter without any hiccups. A notable feature of Skill 10 AMP table saw is its no-load speed. It adds a high 5000 RPM.

Another feature of this product is self-aligning fence, a steel stand, 24 carbide blades and EZ view measurement system. Its steel stands you can open and fold as you need. Weighing 51 pounds, you can easily carry this table saw. Priced and extremely affordable. For just $400 you can get such a gorgeous table saw. You will never find another table saw so affordable in the market.


● Durable and affordable.·

● Small and easily portable.

● Powerful 15-AMP motor and super-fast blade with  5000 RMP.

● Attached to heavy steel stand.

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● Wood debries can be problem.

● There is no system to remove dust.

3. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence 

Are you screeching the best-used table saw? It’s the best option for you. The Powermatic PM1000 1791001 is a professional quality table saw that is ideal for woodworking. This saw can cut heavy or thin wood, hardboard etc. without any problem.

There is a lot of space on this table for woodwork. So you don’t need to worry about extra space.115 V power is required to operate this table saw. This increases the speed of the saw work. Having this switch does not cause any electrical damage to this machine.

Its 10-inch sharp smooth blade is capable of cutting wood of any size perfectly. This 42 × 33 × 53 × inch machine can be easily carried. The saw has a 50-inch rip fence attached. This helps you cut wood properly. This table saw with iron base is very durable and stable.

It has an anti-vibration system. This system allows you to work in a peaceful environment.The special feature of this table saw is that it has a dust cleaning system. 


● It can be set up very easily.

● It is very easy to move from side to side.

● Height is suitable for most users.

● Able to cut any hardwood.·    


● The organize system is not very good.       

● There are no accessories·  

4.DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound (DWS715)  

The Dewlatt 12-inch meter, 15-amp, single bevel, composite (DWS 715) is one of the best table saw under 400$  in the market. It is perfect working for cutting any type of wood.

Like other DEWALT products, it is made from the finest ingredients. The DEWALT 715 saw is a single bevel compound saw. It has a powerful 15AMP motor and 12-inch carbide blades for cutting any type of wood precisely. You can do any kind of work from cross-cutting, framing, mitre cutting with the help of this saw.

It has a lock meter handle attached to the cam.  This will keep the table saw fixed when you work. At 22 inches long and 15 inches high, this best table has no-load speed. Its blade diameter is 12 ”. Its 12-inch carbide blade will give you a perfect, and smooth cut. It has a dust bag attached. So you don’t have to worry about extra dirt. Weighing just 36 pounds, this machine can be easily carried anywhere.


● Easy to run.

● Performs work with precision.

● The machine base is equipped with a fence.

● The expansion capacity of the meter is 0 to 50·


●The dust bag fills up very quickly.

● It can only collect wooden dirt. 

5.JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower, 1Ph, 50-Inch Rip Fence 

Are you in search of a professional best table saw under 400? Don’t worry. Jet 708675PK XACTASAW is the best product for you. Durable and stylish, this saw can be used for any wide range of applications without any major problems. You will be able to get sufficient space to work with such a table saw. You need not be worry regarding lack of space. 

This jet table saw has a 3-horse power motor attached. This will speed up your work. The motor attached to the saw is protected by a magnetic switch. As it is sure and certain that no damage will cause to the motor on account of electrical fluctuations. The saw containing 50-inch rip fence, definitely will help you in order to cut wood with proper way. It is the base of the table saw which is made of iron. Here lies the durability and stability of the table saw.

Since the base is made of iron, no vibration will be created in the table while working. This will help you in your work in a peaceful atmosphere. This table saw has an anti-kickback pole attached to it. This feature makes the word more special. A special skill of this table saw is that it will keep you free from the right hand. So your workplace will be clean enough. It’s the best table saw under 400 dollars, image ever is seen.


● High power motors are attached.

● No vibration will be created on the table.

● There are dust removal facilities. 

● Durable.

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● Slightly heavier in weight.

6.Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw 

The Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable Table Saw is the best one under 400 without any doubt. Although this table saw is very lightweight, its features are similar to other large best table saw under 400. This will give you a better result if you are doing light plastic and craftwork.

The fruits of the Rockwell Blade Runner are not round. The blades of this saw resemble a standard scroll saw or jigsaw. It is capable of cutting intricate jigsaws as well as cutting wood up to 1 – 1/2 inch. The Rockwell Bladerunner saw an electric table saw. 

This saw package contains 5 pieces starter blade. If you would like to change as per your need and choice, you can do it easily. The most interesting fact is that you will be able to change the blade within 3 seconds without any problem. This package also includes 5.5 MPS power input, 3000 RPM, hold down guard, and splitter wide array cut.

This saw is more suitable for 2 types of customers. Firstly, those who are small traders i.e. those who do the wood cutting work themselves without hiring any workers and secondly, it is more suitable for the artisans. At 16.1 × 17.5 × 8.3 inches and 17 pounds, this machine is light. So easy to carry and store.


● Light in weight and perfectly portable table saw.

● The blades can be changed in 3 seconds.

● Great for scroll and meter cuts.

● The hold-down guard is also able to cut larger material.


● Unable to cut dense wood like oak or marble wood.

7.  Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw, 10-Inch Carbide Tipped Blade 

The Metabo HPT Jobsite table saw is better than any other table saw under 400. This amazing table saw skillfully cuts any material and makes your work easier and hassle-free. This portable table saw contains a 10-inch blade. This blade is capable of cutting any wood board, hardboard, or plywood. The saw has a 1500 MP motor and 4,500 rpm cutting application. As a result, it can cut any solid object in one minute.

This machine has multiple blades. You can use different types of blades as per your requirement. The blades are very sharp and smooth. You can easily control the speed of this saw machine. It will not create any vibration while working. As a result, you can work without any problems. 

This table saw allows you to handle large ribbon-cutting projects with a 35-inch rip cap. The saw has the features of an electric brake attached to it. This feature further increases the speed of your table saw. It is very easy to use. No additional storage is required to hold this saw. You can get this best table saw under 400.


● Durable and long-lasting.

● 150Amp motor.

● Ability to cut wood of any size perfectly.

● Lightweight.


● There is no cabinet.

● working not porperly.

8.Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife   

The Shop Fox W1820 3HP 10-inch table saw is one of the extension tables and other saw tables for the diving knife. Interestingly, this saw is capable in any sort of cutting work. Not only that, this will enable you to work faster as well as easier with better performance.

The saw blade is up to 10 inches. This blade will help you to get a proper cut. This table is fitted out with 3HP. It helps the speed faster in cutting. The motor which the table saw contains is guarded by a magnetic switch. Consequently, the chance of damage to the machine during work owing to electrical fluctuations is almost nil. The table saw has a heavy-duty iron stand attached to it. These prevent the table from rolling over while cutting wood.

It has a smooth sliding that reduces friction when cutting wood. This shop fox table saw has 36 carbide-tipped blades and riving knives. These will protect you from unwanted injuries. This table saw is lightweight and long-lasting. It performs tasks very quickly and smoothly. This table saw allows you to easily clean and handle. You won’t find a better saw anywhere for $400


● A 3HP motor is attached to maintain extra speed.

● There are magnetic switches to prevent unwanted accidents.

● Durable.

● Easy to use.

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● No system is included for folding the table saw stand.

9.WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 Portable Tabletop Saw

The WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 Portable Tabletop Saw is perfectly designed to cut any hard object. With this saw, you can cut things like aluminum, metal, wood, plastic, etc. WORK WX572L table saw Rockwell BladdeRunner X2 hold-down guard and splitter are attached. This will make your job much easier.

A good aspect of this saw is that it has a safety switch. As a result, you will be protected from any kind of accident. You can change these saw blades as you need. The machine is a traditional guard and the reviving knife system gives this machine unlimited capabilities. At 15.7 × 16.9 × 7.1 inches in length, 20 volts, and 27 washes, this machine is different from any other table saw. This saw has some features like Rockwell Bladerunner X2.

Its riving knife is capable of cutting all kinds of objects. At just 17 pounds this machine allows you to easily carry and setup from one place to another. Nowhere else will you find such a good saw below 400.


● Light in weight and easy to carry.

● Can be set up very quickly.

● Reasonable Price.

● A very good product for craft projects.·


● Heavy and dense types of wood cannot be cut.

● It takes more time.

10.KETER Job made Portable Work Bench and Miter Saw Table for Woodworking 

At 34.65 inches long, 21.81 inches wide and 4.41 inches high, the KETER Job made Portable Work Bench and Miter Saw Table is made of aluminum and heavy reign. This 20.3-pound table saw is extremely stiff and can hold up to 1000 pounds. The saw has four holding caps for storing various necessary materials. Which makes it easier for you to do your job.

Saw blades are very smooth and waterproof. This is a very nice machine for those who are learning new woodworking. It will be very helpful for learners to learn. One of the features of this saw is that it has a built-in storage bogie attached. 

 The product is very durable and strong. It contains weather-resistant polypropylene. As a result, the saw will never rust.  Here you can put the necessary materials for your work. The stands of this table saw are made of aluminium. You can fold these stands as needed. The table saw is very light so it can be easily carried anywhere.


● It’s lightweight and easy to carry·

● Most stable·        

● Smooth blade and high speed·

● Weather-resistant. 


● Hevvy weight


How To Choose The Best Table Saw Under 400 Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best table saw under 400 then you have to take care of some things. These are just a few shareware that assists you to succeed in your goal quickly and simply. it’s important to notice that each one kind of saws doesn’t work properly. do not forget to require care of all things. A little mistake in your performance when you are in work with it can create a bad result.  If you want to buy the best table saw at a low price, follow our buying guide.

Saw type:

The first thing you need to choose is what you want to saw. Some saws are fast-moving, some prevent the vibration of the table, some saws will help you cut the wood perfectly, some saw stands have wheels attached. You have to choose what kind of saw you want.


The weight of the saw is very important when buying a saw. Do not avoid this in any way when buying a saw. You need to choose a saw that you can easily carry. However, in this case, you need to make sure that the saw you purchased is not only lightweight but also strong. Otherwise, do not cut wood or other hard things.


 The blades must be extremely sharp and sufficient to cut any hard material. Commercial table saws usually have 10″ or 12 blades and the number of teeth is between 24 and 80.


How many times you saw is rotated per minute is a very important issue. This assures you how quickly and accurately the saw you purchased can cut wood or other material. Saws with high RPM can cut relatively smooth and uneven edges.

Horse Power:

When you buy the best table saw under 400$, make sure that it is a table saw with maximum horsepower. A 1/2 HP motor with low power can easily cut 2-inch thick wood when cutting hard.  But for cutting hard and heavy wood, you will need a high-strength table saw.

Security features:

It is important to be careful when using a table saw. Care should be taken when cutting wood. Otherwise, there is a risk of terrible danger. Currently, some table saws are equipped with magnetic switches. These switches protect you from accidents.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Which Are The Best Table Saw Under 400 Dollar?

Here is some best table saw under 400 dollars:
·         DEWALT DWE7491RS.
·         Grizzly G0690: Best cabinet table saw.
·         Skill 3410-02 10-inch: Best budget table saw.
·         DEWALT DW745 10-inch job site table saw.

2.Which Are The Best Table Saw For DIY?

·         Bakita 270 5X table saw.
·         SKILL 3410-02 Table saw.
·         Bosch 10-in portable Table saw.
·         Rockwell blade runner X2 Portable tabletop saw.

4.Which Table Saw Has A Better Fence?

1.    Vega U26 Table saw Fence.
2.    Shop Fox W14 10 Fence.
3.    Delta Bc30 30-inch Fench.

5. Why should I choose a lightweight table saw? 

The lightweight table saw is very easy to carry and can be easily moved from one place to another. So in the case of buying table saw, lightweight table saw should be purchased. 

Final Thought 

I have mentioned here only those saws which are of high quality and affordable price. If you follow the article above, you will get a clear idea about the best table saw under 400. Although,  the market price of saws is not always the same. Table saw price mainly depends on its power, electrical capacity, quality of raw material, etc. The table saws mentioned here have been selected based on buyer reviews.

Each of the tables mentioned here is qualitatively durable and durable. You can use these products for a long time without any hassle. You will find many table saws at lower prices than this in the market. But I can assure you that you won’t find a better table for 400 than anywhere else. So if you are planning to buy a table saw, be sure to put these products on your list of favorites.    



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