Best Table Saw Under 1500 Review & Buying Guide 2021

Best Table Saw Under 1500

Buying the best table saw under 1500 is difficult nowadays. You have to search across many websites and pages to get the best out of it. That’s why we sum up all the best table saw under 1500 dollars. You can go through the buying guide below to know how you can buy the best table saw.

As we told you before, getting the best table saw is very tough. The market is full of different brands and varieties to confuse you; it is very difficult to identify the best product. In this article, we are going to give you complete information about the best table saw under 1500. So, let your worry go away.

We go through different websites and articles to gather information about the best table saw. So let’s get started but first of all, you must see the buying guide so that it would be easier for you to choose the best product.

How To choose the best table saw under1500

If you want to buy the best table saw under 1500, then you have to be serious about it. You must know all the tricks from which you can identify the best table saw. You must know which function does the table saw perform and which type or brand should be suitable for you. The table saw can is using to cut metal sheets, wood and if you are a professional then you have to buy the perfect thing for yourself.

If you buy the wrong product it must be a loss to you and your business. So, without any further due let’s guide you in the right way. The guide below will help you to buy the best table saw under 1500

Saw type

You have to go through the type of table saw that which type of table saw you want. The portability of the table saw is the best way to classify it. A table saw you are going to buy must have wheels under it so that it can be easy for you to transport it. Most of all the designs have folding designs that can be suitable for you.

Light-weighted material

A table saw has to be light-weighted. So that you, can carry it with you when you go to work. If it is light weighted and easy to carry then it will make your work 100% easier and does not consume much time. But, in the hurry of buying a light weighted table saw don’t forget about the material is also important so that it can cut everything.


As the blades are an important part of a table saw, you must take care of this thing while buying the best table saw under 1500. Blades diameter, its sharpness all things should be perfect in the table saw. Otherwise, it won’t work. The best table saw has almost 10 to 20 blades that contain 25-80 teethes.

Smoothness and accuracy

Smoothness in the table saw matters a lot to you if you are a professional. If the table saw is not smooth it won’t cut the wood or metal with accuracy. The fence attached to the table saw must attach the wood piece or metal so that your work will be done more précised. If it fits with accuracy then it will give you the best work.

High RMP

RMP is the most important thing to know about the table saw. If it rotates quickly then it will cut the wood with accuracy and give you a good job. But if its RMP is not high then it may give you some trouble in doing your work. So it is important to have knowledge about all things while you choose the best table saw under 1500.


Higher horsepower is very essential because if you are a professional you have a lot of work pending then you must have a horsepower table saw so that you can windup your work. When you are using an A ½ HP motor then it can only cut 2 inches thick wood. But if your wood is thicker than that you have a horsepower table saw. It is better to buy a table saw with extreme torque.

Drive Type

In search of the best table saw drive type. There are 2 types of drive you will get which are discussed below.

Belt drive

The belt drive is using cut-heavy material and thicker wood that’s means it needs more power but it doesn’t do its job with accuracy. It is less safe to use and more costly to buy. Its motor is far away from the blades that’s why it doesn’t throw the dust gradients away. Moreover, it is not a good deal to buy it. It produces much vibration which may disturb you some time

But on the second side we have:

Direct drive

Direct drive is the one you need. It performs its work with accuracy as its motor is connected directly with the blades, not with other things. It gives you the perfect speed as its motor is attached directly to the blades. It produces less vibration while cutting.

Safety features

Your safety is our first priority. While buying a table saw you must check its basic features related to safety advice. It is better to buy the best table saw under 1500 which has a counter attached that make it safe. Also, if you are not careful while doing your work then you may hurt yourself. So, safety comes first to take care of everything while doing work.

Comparison Of Best Table Saw Under 1500

Image Product Key Features Price
 SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/” Portable Table Saw * It is easy to carry.
* Has 30 ½ inch rip capacity.
* 16 inches of wheels
Check Price
DEWALT Table Saw For The Job Site * 8 ½ inches of capacity.
* Easy to transport.
* Easy to use.
Check Price
SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inches Table Saw *  It has 15 Amp motor fitted.

* 10 inch table.
* Has storage box.
Check Price
Delta 36-6023 10 Inch Table Saw * It has 15 Amp contactor grade motor fitted in it.
* 32 inch Rip capacity.
* Durable rack.

Check Price
 Evolution Power Tools RAGE5S Table Saw  * It has a 10 amp motor.
* It has a safety counter.
* It is light weighted.
* It can perform heavy duties.
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Best Table Saw Under 1500 Reviews

1. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/” Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT99T table saw perform the toughest jobs or actions. You can work on any kind of wood or material. This best table saw under 1500 will give you a precise and accurate job. It is compact light weighted and very easy to carry to your workplace. This type of saw is very useful as it gives you the best work at less cost. Moreover, it has a large capacity that gives it more power to do difficult work

It will cut any kind of word with ease no matter what kind it is. This précised saw allows you to work with accuracy. The all-metal durability allows you to place this saw anywhere or on any surface. You will definitely be convinced by the work of it

This best table saw under 1500$ will never let your investment go waste instead of it you will be happier to invest in this précised and accurate table saw.


● Reasonable in price.

● Sturdy.

● It is easy to carry.

● Efficient in work. 


● Maybe slow down sometimes.



2. DEWALT Table Saw for the Job site, Compact, 8-1/4- inch

DEWALT (DWE7485) is the best ever item on this article. This table saw is under 1500 dollars and can make your work 100% more perfect and provide all the safety required. You can cut any kind of wood from it. It is stable, powerful, and accurate.

This is the perfect table saw for your work which makes your work hassle-free and more delicate. It can cut wood through a 90-degree angle and as it has 5800 RPM which is a very high motor and 24 rip capacity you can also cut the large pieces of wood fine from this table saw.

This kind of table saw is hard to find. It has all those abilities like it is light weighted, has good capability of dust below, and has perfect blades, and moreover, it guarantees sturdiness while working. It also has a safety system fixed in it so no more hurting during work. The rack makes the modification quick and made it accurate.


● Safety system.

● Easy to carry or transport as it is light weighted.

● Has high RPM.

● The price is reasonable.


● May trouble you in adjusting

● Doesn’t provide you with the perfect instruction about the size.


3. SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inches Table Saw- TS6307-00

If you want a professional table saw then Skil 15 (TS6307-00) is the best choice. It has a 64.77 rip capacity and a 15 Amp motor attached to it which is a good choice. It can easily cut the thick wood pieces and give you the finest work.

This table saw has a 4/4 cutting capacity and allows you to cut the wood at a 90-degree angle. Moreover, the best thing is that it has an attached blower which blows off the dust quickly from your working area.

This best table saw under 1500 is a coat with aluminum and has 24 tooth blades. The parallel fence allows it to work more precisely.


● Stable and durable. 

● Reasonable in price.  ·

● Has folded a stand.

● Lightweight.


● Small for your workplace.

● Can’t cut metal pieces.  


4. Delta 36-6023 10 Inch Table Saw with 32.5 Inch RIP Capacity

Delta table saw is very useful for contractors. This saw has a 10-inches blade and32.5 and inch capacity that is a good thing because with 32.5 capacity it can give you more precise work and you can be always satisfied with it. 

This best table saw under 1500 is very efficient in its performance. It makes your work hassle-free and easy as it can cut the wood and other materials précised. Due to its sturdiness and stability, it is very easy to use. This table saw will never make you disappoint. You will never regret buying this. So what are you waiting for go grab your amazing table saw at reasonable prices.

It is light weighted and easy to carry. It also has a folding stand with it that makes your work easier and you can do your work anytime and anywhere.

This table saw will give you the best working experience. It has a storage box in it and many more features. Are you finding the hybrid table saw in the sale then this table saw is perfect for you?


● Have a storage box attached to it. 

● Includes folding stand.  

● Durable.

● Reasonable in price.  


● There are no cons available in this product.



5. Evolution Power Tools RAGE5S Material Table Saw

Are you looking for is table saw which can be transported from one place to another? Then evolution power tools RAGE5S is the best choice. This is the best table saw with high quality that provides smooth performance. And a light weighted table saw that can be the most useful for you.

It provides you with the best work and accuracy in cutting. Most important is that, it keeps your workplace clean because of the dust port above the blades. Cleaning is important and it is the best feature in it that this table saw will never let your workplace messed up.

As a beginner then it is the best choice for you. This table can perform heavy functions also. It’s also taking care of safety measures that can protect you from cuts and injuries. It has a folding stand that can be very helpful for your work. By using this stand you can do your’re anytime you want. It can stand heavy duty and perform it well and efficiently.

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● Provide accurate cuts.

● Portable.

● Easy to carry.

● Durable.


● Storage box not available.

● Assembling instruction is not good.


6. Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw

It is the best portable table saw to carry with you to your workplace. If you are a professional then this table saw is very beneficial for you. It has ¾ horsepower in dual voltage to meet your need. This is a plus point for it because customer need is what all want and it full fill all your requirements without any doubt you can buy this amazing table saw.

The quick riving knife in it reduces the chances of kickback. Storage hooks also stand there so that you can keep your accessories there while doing your work. This table saw the best quality in that it vibrates less while using it which makes your work easier. Vibration may disturb your work sometimes but this amazing table saw doesn’t allow vibration to disturb your work.

It is such a light weighted table saw that can be easy to carry to your workplace. You can buy this table saw. Isn’t it reasonable and not out of your budget? It is the best Table saw to buy so hurry up don’t miss it.


● Has accessories stand attached.

● High-quality material.

● 3 horsepower.

● Less vibration.


● No cons to this product.



DEWALT flex volt table saw is recommend to the contractor because it is designed for job-site work. It is a flexible stand table saw. It has horsepower fitted in it which is a plus point to it because if it has a power horse in it then it will work perfectly and quickly. It is lightly weighted so as it is easy to carry to your workplace or anywhere you want to work.

DEWALT table saw has 24 capacities which great to work and it is enough to do efficient and fine work. This can easily cut thick woods and you can also use it for cutting thin sheets. The blades give it’s an actual turnout. Because of the best blades, it gives the wood or material perfect cutting and the work done with this table saw is very efficient.

It has one battery with two voltage features in it. Which means it gives the direct energy to blades and the work will do on time? It has restart features available in it which give you the best experience and less the risk of injuries. You will never regret buying it.


● Has the restart function. 

● Less injurious.

● May sometimes problems in voltages.    

● sturdy and still 


● No accessories are available with it.

● May sometimes problems with voltages. 


8. Black and Decker BDTS200 15-amp TABLE SAW

It is the best portable table saw. It includes a stand. It includes wheels for portability. It has a self-aligning locking fence. It has a 15- AMP motor fitted in it for the toughest application. It has a T-slot miter Gauge. 15- Amp motor means it is very efficient in its work and can give you the perfect working.

It has tipped saw blades for cutting all types of wood, plastic, and non-ferrous material. Also, it is power by heavy-duty because of is 15 AMP. It also has a 120 v motor for power. That gives it more power to work.

It includes many accessories like a saw, stands, rip fence, 10-inch carbide, saw blade, wheels, standard table insert, blade wrench, and instructional manual. For this efficient and reliable table saw you can spend a little amount of money



● Very Durable.

●  Includes wheels for easy transportation.

● Has tipped blades.

● Have many accessories.


● You may face an instruction problem.

● May be problematic in assembling.


Malabo HPT Table saw is one of the best things for professional use. It is recommendable for the contractor project for Jobsite. This Table saw is very easy to use and to transport. This table saw will make your work hassle-free and efficient. This Table saw will never disappoint you with its work.

This best table saw under 1500 will make your work efficient and easy. So, you can take this table saw anywhere with ease. It can cut any material or wood.

Moreover, its features are unbelievable. It has a 15 amp motor fitted in it and has 4500 RPM. It has a 35-inch cutting capacity, which means you can cut heavy and give you efficient and perfect work. Also, it has a storage box also in which you can keep your accessories while doing your work.

However, you are a beginner then it is also useful for you. As it is easy to use and carries but recommended for the job site contract project. Its price is also very reasonable.


● High power motor.

● Sharp blades.

● Reasonable price.

● Easy to carry.


● May have some problems.

● No accessories included. 



It is a small yet useful table saw. You can carry it anywhere with you and it can also be used for indoor work. It is an efficient table saw and can do your work correctly and with accuracy. It can be used to do or cut any kind of material like wood etc. So, it is useful to use it inside but you can take it with ease to your workplace also.

It has eased in cutting and innovative sliding cards for the improvement of its accuracy. It has an extra-large capacity of 17 inches of cutting which means it can cut your material or wood with ease and accuracy. Also, it can be used for indoor work also. It also has a roll cage handle for easy carrying of this table saw.

However, it is the cheapest one from above all and it is a wettable saw for your use. However, it is the best choice for you to buy it.


● Reasonable in price.  

● It has a large capacity. 

● It has roll cage handles.

● Easy to carry or transport.  


● No accessories.

● It doesn’t have a storage box.


Best Table Saw Under 1500 [FAQs]

In case, if you have some questions about the best table saw under 1500 in your mind like

What kind of table saw is best?

If you are a beginner it is better to use a functional table saw but if you are a professional then better to use a direct belt table saw. Like DEWALT, SKIL Etc.

Why Should I Always Choose A Light Weighted Table Saw?

Yes, table saw give you the précised work and the accurate cutting of wood. It depends on the choice of yours that what kind of table saw you choose.

It is important to check the rip capacity of the table saw while or before buying it because the large the capacity is the more précised it works. If it has a large capacity then it gives you precise and accurate work and your work will be efficient.

Why the horsepower in the table saw is important?

Horsepower in the table is important because the high horsepower the best the table saw works. If the horsepower is less then it may not give you quick and accurate work.

How Can You Identify The Best Out Of The Above?

All the above-given table saw are the best-searched table saws for you. If still, it is hard for you to choose then you can go with the first 3 of them.

Final words

We hope that all the information you want is provided for you. Now the day’s market is running fast. New models are introduced daily with increasing prices. I hope from this article you get all the right information about the best table saw under 1500.

It concludes that finding the best things in this period is difficult. You have to go through many websites and pages to find the best out of all. As there are buyers, there also stand scammers that are ready to waste your money. So be careful while buying the product. Take care of your table saw as it is hard to buy a new one daily or monthly. Moreover, clean it thoroughly out which makes your work more precise and easy.




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