Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking Review


The best Portable Table saw for fine woodworking are available now which can make your life easier and allow you a fine cutting of wood. For a small garage or workshop, a regular table saw is too oversized. Instead, a flexible and mobile portable table saw unit sounds good and reasonable.

A portable table saw is accurate and allows you to carry it due to its low weight. You can read the information given below to learn more about the different types and brands of each portable saw 2020 so you can choose the finest one from each of them.

We have gone through different review articles to help you identify the best portable saw. If you don’t have much time to go through hundreds of options available online, this article makes this task easier for you. Here you can check the list of the top ten best portable table saw 2020.

Comparison Of Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking

Image Product Key Features Price
01-DEWALT Portable Table Saw * 24.5 Inches of rip capacity.
* 5800 rpm moto.r
* Metal roll cage.
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 02- SKILSAW SPT99T Table Saw * 25 inches rip capacity.
* 5300 rpm motor.
* Dual field motor.
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 03- Shop Fox W1820 Table Saw  * Extra 50 inches rip capacity.
* 3 HP motor.
* Magnetic switch.
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 04 -Makita 2705 Portable Table saw * 4800 rpm.
* Modular guard system.
* 4x rip capacity.
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05-DEWALT Portable Table Saw * 4800 rpm.
* 15 amp motor.
* 32-1/2 rip capacity.
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01-DEWALT Portable Table Saw for fine woodworking

Dewalt Table Saw is the top product in the best portable table saw for fine woodworking 2021. If you are facing a problem in cutting large pieces of wood, then the DEWALT table saw is best for you because of its efficiency and versatility.

It can cut large pieces of wood efficiently. It has a good rip fence that allows large cuts up to 24-1/2 inches. This DWE7485 Table saw can make your heavy task become just a piece of cake.

DEWALT table saw is portable. It is powered by a 15 amp engine. It has a 5800 rpm motor and 24.5 rip capacity makes this table saw able to cut large pieces and narrow strips of wood. This is similar to the DEWALT DW745table saw but some features are updated.

Each blade contains 24 teeth in order to perform smooth cuts. This feature helps you keep clean your workplace and keep it free from dust because it is very much annoying to stay overtime after work just to clean up the mess from the working place.

DEWALT table is safe to use because of its admirable safety features that avoid cuts by the blade during work. The blade guard and anti-kickback mechanism are supreme safety features of this saw. Another feature that makes it an outstanding top product is that it is lightweight. You can carry it to your work easily.

This table is easily adjustable. This saw comes with a miter gauge providing you additional flexibility. This DEWALT DW7485 is ultimately the best option. It is more efficient and versatile. It can provide flawless work. The price of this powerful tool is 400 dollars.


● Lightweight.

● High-speed blade spinning. 

● Ease of adjustment.

● Make smooth cuts.



● Small bump at the table surface.

● No accessories.

02- SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4”   Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4” Portable Worm Drive Table Saw is a high-quality product with adorable performance. It is a great and powerful tool that makes your life easier. The supreme features of this product allow the cutting of different types of wood efficiently. You can cut different forms of wood easily e.g. hardwood, plywood with the help of this admirable SKILSAW portable worm drive saw.

This best portable table saw for fine woodworking is light in weight so you can take it with you to your job site easily. This portable saw allows you to work seamlessly on different materials. It is reliable and has the capacity that delivers power for difficult tasks. Skilsaw 8-1/4 table saw has a 10 inches blade which allows smooth cuts. It has a 25 inches rip capacity. The blade has 24 teeth to ensure accurate cuts. This is the best portable saw for beginners.

The pinion system and precision rack make fence adjustment easy and accurate. The metal construction of this table saw delivers legendary durability. Lightweight allows you to place the saw on any flat surface. Its Dual field motor stays cooler to handle the toughest work easier. This motor stays cool so it can work for longer. The motor generates more energy to cut small, narrow, and harder strips accurately.

This saw has a modular guard system and anti-kick pawls to prevent accidents. This portable table saw is equipped with and a non-thru cut and fine riving knife. This SKILSAW 8-1/4  portable table saw is precise and efficient. Investment in worm portable saw will not let you down. The stunning features of this durable saw allow you to get the perfect cuts you desire for.


● Can cut various types of wood.

● Lightweight.

● Safe to use.

● Can cut various types of wood.

See more about the best table saw under400


● Expensive.


03. Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw 

This Shop Fox table saw has outstanding features that attract customer’s attention to it. It is one of the best saws that will make your work easier by cutting materials efficiently. This portable W1820 Saw features a 50-Inch rip capacity to rip the center of a standard sheet of plywood finely and efficiently. This table saw has designed to provide trouble-free service.

It has a miter fence with a flip stop that is ideal for longer workpieces. This flip stop to allow longer workpieces to be cut finely and to make additional cuts according to your desired cutting width. It is easily adjustable and lightweight so you can carry it easily. It will help you keep your workplace free from dust because it has a 4 inches dust collection port.

This table saw has a 3 HP motor that is capable to deliver more power to the blade to perform the toughest tasks easily. This table saw features a blade guard system that consists of the spreader, polycarbonate shield, and anti-kickback pawls to ensure the safety of the worker. Magnet switches are added for thermal overload protection. A riving knife follows the tilt movement of the blade to cut the material sharply. It is reliable.


● Excellent safety features.

● Reliable.

● Portable.

● Powerful.


● Expensive.


04. Makita 2705 Portable Table saw

Makita 2705 is a convenient and powerful tool. This table saw is best to use in the shop or job site. This is a versatile and powerful product of Makita. This Makita 2705 is powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers power for efficient working. A higher 4800 rpm is featured to provide maximum capacity.

It also features an Anti-kickback pawls mechanism and a riving knife allows for the toughest tasks to done easily. This table saw provides another important feature that is the easy adjustment of the riving knife.

This saw can be adjusted to three different positions without the removal of the throat plate. This table saw has an extension table that favors higher cutting capacity. A 3/8 to ¾ inches miter gauge allows cutting of material for wide cross-cutting. The 4X rip capacity of this saw allows the cutting of large materials in one pass.

This best portable table saw for fine woodworking is equipped with different necessary accessories e.g. power supply cord, saw blade, rip fence push sticks, and dado blade. A great advantage that shop fox gives you is that the product is replaceable, if you are not satisfied with the product Makita will replace it or refund it. It is best for workers who want more speed. This table saw comes with admirable features.


● High-quality materials.

● Enough rip capacity.

● Durable.

● Powerful.



● Bulky.

05. DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Portable Table Saw

The DEWALT DWE749 10-Inch table saw is a good quality product of Jobsite. It is a portable and powerful tool. The innovative features of the portable saw will help your work done efficiently. Also, It is a top product because of its outstanding performance. It is a time-saving machine. It is loveable due to its great design and function. It is an easily portable saw available to contractors today.

This DEWALT table saw has a 15 amp motor that provides power to the blade to cut various forms of wood. It has a 32 – ½” capacity that allows it cutting of hard and large wood and other materials. It is a stable and sturdy product. It has 4800 rpm due to which seems to have good ripening quality.

It performs well. Rack and the pinion telescoping fence system ensure accuracy. Fence adjustment is very much easy. It also contains a miter gauge that favors cross-cutting. This table saw can cut 3-1/8 inches of depth at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches of depth at 45 degrees. It is easy to set up and sturdy.

This DEWALT 749 has an A2 inch dust collection port that can be easily connected to the vacuum to provide efficient dust extraction. Flip over fence structure allows for smooth and narrow strips of wood cutting. It offers a 26-1/4 Inch X22 Inch table in order to provide material support. It is safe to use and durable because of its blade guard and push the stick system. It is an admirable tool with great features. It can help you with fine woodworking.


● Easy and safe to use.

● Affordable price.

● Lightweight.

● Precise and efficient.


● Safety features are not much good.


 06. Milwaukee 2736-21hd Table Saw

Milwaukee 2736-21Hd Table saw is the best table saw as it combines our favorite and important features of portable saw in one package. This table saw is light in weight, small in size, and a powerful tool for fine wood cutting.

This table saw generates a power of 15 amperes. It has a rip capacity of 24 1/2” that allows fine and clean cutting of food. It is durable. The metal frame provides durability. This table saw provides a rack and pinion fence system that allows accurate easy cuts and easy adjustment.

It features the best storage for blade guard, pushes stick, fence, and miter gauge. It also provides tool-free guard and riving knife position changes. It also features various accessories e.g. blade wrench, miter guard, and anti-kickback pawls mechanism to increase product performance and safety.

This portable saw produces a 6300 rpm that powers the blade to produce fine cuts in hardwood pieces. It is available at affordable prices. If you want to invest your money in a high-quality performance portable table saw then it will be the best one to choose due to its excellent features e.g. tool lockout or hide tool from the nearby devices screen so only you can see your tool is in range.

It is safer to use because of its good safety features. It is very easy to clean. This portable saw will make your work done faster and easier. The only disadvantage is that it needs a battery to work. But its other features especially, power attract customers towards it.


● High-quality material.

● Very durable.

● Enough rip capacity.

● Best storage.


● Does not have a stand.

● Needs battery.


07. Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable Table Saw 

Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw is a versatile and efficient tool. By using this saw you can do rip, miter, and inside cuts just by changing out the blades. It is lightweight and easily portable. It is stable and sturdy.

The Blade Runner X2- Portable saw contains 5 shank blades for cutting woods, Aluminum, metal, and other materials. You can change these blades easily. These blades can be changed in only 3 seconds. It features a good rip fence for long cuts.  It can make a smooth cut sharply. It can be adjusted easily.  The larger rip fence of this portable tabletop saw provides better control and accurate cuts.

This best portable table saw for fine woodworking has a motor of 5.5 amp for providing power. The motor of this portable saw is responsible for powering a 4-inch t-shank sharp blade to make sharp and neat cuts. This Rockwell Blade runner portable saw is a quality product and the best option. This saw is available at a reasonable price. 

It can do flawless work efficiently. But unlike other products, this portable saw is made for small projects. It is not able to perform heavy-duty applications. This Rockwell Blade runner has a 3 years warranty. It is one of the best portable saws of 2020 due to its quality features. It is the best product available at a cheap price. It can make your work good and outstanding with help of its unique features.


● Accessories are available.

● Reasonable price.

● Vacuum port for cleaning purposes.

● Durable.


● Not for heavy-duty applications.


08. Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw 

Bosch 10-Inh Portable Jobsite Table saw is an excellent product. Nowadays there are plenty of options but finding one that has ease of transportation is difficult. The Bosch table saw is a professional great high-quality tool. It is portable and lightweight providing the ability of its easy transportation. The compact design of this Bosch GTS1031 allows you to carry it to your Jobsite easily.

This table saw has a –Handed carry design for maintaining a well-balanced lift zone. It has a weight of 52lbs, providing the ability of its easy transportation to different working places. It features a unique steel base that helps the saw to resist impacts and heavy-duty job conditions. This steel frame help minimizes weight without affecting strength.

This portable saw has a 15 amp motor and 5000 rpm and a 5/8 Inch arbor size. Bosch offers a 1-year warranty. It has 24 teeth in its blade that allows fine cutting of wood pieces. It has an 18-inch rip capacity that allows the cutting of large and hardwood pieces. It can make cuts deep2-1/4 “  at 45 degrees and 3-1/8” at 90 degrees.

This best portable table saw for fine woodworking has a square lock rip fence that is made of aluminum with plastic ends at the corner, provides accuracy to the product. It helps in reducing waste by increasing cutting trueness. It contains a dust collector port opposite to the operator position.

It is durable and safe to use. To ensure safety, there are many features e.g. smart modular blade guard system, Push sticks, miter gauge, and wrenches. Anti-Kickback pawls are also a part of the safety package. The rails and riving knife in this table saw ensures control over the material while cutting.


● One-Handed carry system.

● Portability.

● Strong clips.

● Lightweight.


● Plastic can limit life.

● Rough cuts.



METABO HPT C10RJS JOBSITE TABLE SAW is a powerful portable tool. It is a fantastic tool for woodworking. It can make your life easier. This table saw has great portability. This is a solid and admirable tool. This portable table saw features a 15 amp motor that provides a speed of 4500 rpm. This powerful motor and rpm of a portable saw cause fine and clean cutting of hardwood.

A 10 inches blade that can cut various materials easily also featured in this portable saw. The blade helps to cut hardwood and plywood pieces easily. This portable saw has a soft start function that is of great advantage. This feature is of great importance to prevent recoil and to reduce startling noise that is may be produced by the motor. Turning on this saw is very easy.

It also contains a lock power button to fulfill safety purposes. You have to just push to activate the electric brake. It has excellent storage for the accessories. Accessories include anti-kickback pawls, a push stick and a miter gauge, blade wrenches, 40 teeth carbide blade, and hex bar wrenches.

It also features a fold and roll stand that is designed with sturdy legs for easy adjustment. This structure provides stability while in use due to its rubber foot. It is a great admirable tool to use on Jobsite. It is small in size and provides ease of adjustment. The fantastic features of this portable saw make your work done faster. It is a time-saving machine.

If you want to invest in a machine that is easily portable and has good safety features you can choose it. Its rip capacity allows you cutting of hardwood pieces easily. It has the best storage system to store various accessories.

It also contains T-style fence slides to provide safer cutting of thin wood pieces. If you are looking for a stable and durable portable saw for woodworking you can choose this METABO HPT Jobsite Table saw.


● Reasonable price.

● Portable.

● Folding legs.

● Easy to use.


● Bulky.


10. SawStop 10-Inch Jobsite Saw

The SawStop 10 inch saw Pro with Mobile cart Assembly is a great tool because of its supreme features. It is the best table saw because it is small in size, easily portable, and has a great fence and good safety features. It is durable, innovative, and precise. The mobile cart allows easy transportation of the saw easy.

It has a 15 amp motor and 4000 rpm that powers the blade to produce smooth and fine cuts. It can cut the hardwood easily. It is the best portable saw for professionals. This portable saw also includes an active dust collection guard system above the table to capture the dust particles that are harmful. This table saw helps to keep your workplace clean and free from dust particles that can be potentially hazardous.

This portable saw also features a High-Low style fence. An ear lock system is provided to ensure safety. This portable saw has high-low style fence slides to allow smooth cuts. It includes a low fence and a deeper fence face that allows for safer cutting of thin pieces of wood.

It also includes different accessories like a Miter gauge, active dust collection guard, pushes sticks, blade wrenches, etc.  It also features the control box that controls the on-off switch and power paddle. This control system also checks the system working. It is the safest portable saw to use by professionals.


● Accurate cuts.

● Smooth and fine cutting.

● Easy to carry.

● Easy to use.


● Expensive.



 How to Choose the Best Portable Saw for fine woodworking

If you want to buy the best portable table saw for fine woodworking, you should invest your money in a good one because a low-performance portable table saw can ruin your work. You can check our buying guide to get the best portable saw.

The best table saw for fine woodworking small in size and lightweight fantastic tool that makes it easy to carry. It is a helpful tool for fine woodworking.  You have to take into account some important factors while choosing the best portable saw.


The portable table saw which you are going to select should have lightweight so you can easily carry your table saw in our working area. While getting the lightweight portable saw you should also account for the stability and sturdiness of the saw. Otherwise, it would not cut the wood properly and accurately.


When you are going to choose the portable saw you have to choose a saw with a larger blade size and a higher number of teeth in the blade. Blades must be sharp for the finest and clean cutting of wood pieces. The best table saw contains 24 to 80 teeth and 10 to 12 blades.

High RPM

If you want to choose the best portable table saw for woodworking you should know about the RPM of the saw because it makes a big difference in performance.RPM means the number of rotations per minute that are made by the saw. RPM presents how fast and accurately you can cut the material.

RPM of a portable saw also ensures that the thickness can be adjusted accurately to provide you a plank to the thickness. High RPM causes relatively smooth cuts. Most table saws have a 15 amps motor.

Horse Power 

When you are looking for a good table saw, it is always better to choose the one with the maximum horsepower. An underpowered portable saw would not be useful for cutting hard cuts. A portable saw with a 1-2 HP motor can easily cut 2 inches thick piece of wood. You will need a portable table saw to cut more deeply.

Ease of use

It is also an important factor you have to consider while looking for a table saw. The saw that you are going to buy should be carried easily and fixed easily.

Drive types

The drive is available in 2 forms

●       Belt drive

●       Direct drive

1-Direct drive

It produces fewer vibrations and noise as compared to a belt drive while cutting. They are affordable and are also safe to use because. They require little maintenance.

2-Belt drives

Some portable saws have a v belt and a pulley system, so power is transferred to the blade. In this way, some power is lost because power is not directly transferred to the blade. Belt drive saws provide better when cutting thicker woods if high torque and power provided to them.

Narrow the field by deciding how much to spend

Clearly decide in your mind that how much money you want to spend because if you decided once it is easy for you to select the best portable saw for your work. we have listed some of the best portable saws at an affordable price. Our enlisted products include both price ranges. So you can choose according to your need.

Narrow the field by selecting features you need

Select the features you need in your table saw. In this article, I have listed the various best portable saws for ease of you. Once you have decided on the features required, you can easily select the best portable saw from the list below. In the list below I have mentioned the best portable lightweight saws because it can be easily transported to the working place.

I also listed the best portable saw with accuracy so if you want accuracy then you can easily select the best portable saw from our enlisted products. We have enlisted potable saws with a powerful motor and high rpm for quality woodworking. So, you can easily choose the best portable saw for you. Here we also listed the best portable saw for beginners to help them to choose according to their needs.

Safety Features

You can easily get hurt if you are not careful due to the fact that portable table saws are dangerous tools to operate. This makes safety procedures more essential to be considered. Most table saws come with a magnetic switch that prevents an auto restart. High-quality portable saws contain supreme safety features which makes them the best portable saws. Different structures are updated in top portable saws to ensure safety features.

Left blade tilt

Left blade tilt helps to prevent kickback as compared to right blade tilt making the process easier for workers. Left blade tilt is provided in high-quality portable saws for ease of worker and to ensure the safety of the worker. It prevents accidents while working.

Flesh sensor

Often in this list of safety features for a portable saw, the flesh sensor is featured prominently. This safety feature may increase the cost of a portable saw but it ensures the safety of workers that is a big advantage. Whenever it senses a finger on the blade, the flesh sensor stops the blade fastly.

Accuracy and warranty

The table saw you are going to choose should be accurate. Accuracy is of great importance when you are a woodworker. High-quality portable saws are highly accurate. They provide easy and accurate cutting of various types of wood. Warranty is also important for customer satisfaction. In this article, we enlisted the top 10 best portable tables saw for fine woodworking to help you so you can easily choose the best one.



Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking[FAQs]

1-How to use a portable saw for fine woodworking?

This is a powerful tool to use when you won’t have a big room enough for a bigger saw.
Here we are going to tell you to step by step procedure for using a portable table saw
1.     Firstly, unfold the portable table saw
2.     Plug in the saw to provide power to the saw
3.     Set the miter gauge according to the angle at which you want to cut the material.
4.     Set up the accessories properly for fine woodworking
5.     Wear protections before using the saw for safe working and to prevent any type of damage.
6.     Turn on the power
7.     Then allow material to pass through the saw.

2-Which are the best portable table saws for a beginner?

The best portable table saw for beginners are
1. DEWALT DW745 Table Saw
2. Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw
3. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4” Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
4. Delta 36-6013 10 inch Table Saw

3. Why I should use a lightweight portable table saw?

You should use a lightweight portable saw because a lightweight table saw is easy to use. Lightweight Saws are sturdy and work efficiently. They can be carried everywhere easily. A lightweight saw is easy to transport. You can easily carry it to your workplace. They are easily adjustable. They are time-saving. They can be easily transported to various job sites.

4. Are portable saws accurate?

Yes, Portable saws are highly accurate. The rack and pinion fence systems in the portable saws featured that are used for increased accuracy.
Another important feature is rip capacity that makes the portable saws to cut accurately and precisely. The best portable saws of 2020 are updated with features to ensures accuracy because accuracy is an important element of portable saws.

5. Are portable saws safe to use?

Yes, portable table saws are safe. Best portables saw features of various structures to ensure the safety of the worker.
●       Saw that are safe to use contains
●       Sharp fine blades
●       Functional Rubber coated extensions without cuts or breaks in the outer covering
●       Functioning Blade guard system


Nowadays searching for the best portable table saw for fine woodworking is a difficult task because the market is filled with a variety of options at different prices. Choosing the wallet-friendly and high-quality performance is with adorable features is a great decision for beginners in the field of woodworking. Once you have decided on the price range, you will be able to find the best one from our top 5 picks. Every new product comes with more accuracy and efficiency than the previous product. Portable saw technology updates continually.

Portable saw for woodworking are small in size and lightweight. They contain various supreme features that make a work-life easier. They are also safe to use and time-saving. Our enlisted top ten best portable products and buying guideline will greatly help you to choose the best one for woodworking. I hope you will find a high-quality portable saw easily. But still, you found any complication ask us in the comment section any time without any hesitation.



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