Are table saw blades reverse threaded? Overview 2021

Are table saw blades reverse threaded

Today I will discuss about table saw blades reverse threaded? Generally, Table saw is directly involved with the employment of the woodworkers. A table saw is a tool that is used by woodworkers for cutting wood smoothly. It has a round saw blade which is placed on an arbor, operated with the help of an electronic motor.

In this table saw, the blade is the main part. It is used for cutting wood. While talking about the table saw blades this question comes to mind that are table saw blades reverse threaded? Well, the answer is yes, it has.

It this worth to be noted that the screw which is used to hold the blade is the reverse thread. After you’ve got the answer several questions might be there you would like to know. So, here are the answers to the questions.

When did the table saw blades are reverse threaded?

Already you have known that are table saw blades are reverse threaded. But is it always reverse threaded? If you ask this question you will get a negative answer. It will only have reverse threads when the saw is tilted on the right side. But if the saw is tilted on the left side then it will not have reverse threads.

Let me describe it a little more. A right tilted saw blade is located on the left side and a left tilted saw blade is on the right side. So, a left tilted saw will have a normal rotation. It is not designed with reverse threads.

Keeping aside the left tilted saw let’s know more about right tilted saws. When the blade of the saw is in reverse order, you will have to keep a hard piece of wood towards the blade and the blade will automatically roll up downstairs.

How to use are table saw blades reverse threaded?

For using your saw in reverse first you have to unplug the saw and the throat plate should be removed, the blade should be raised, and have to place a piece of wood in the front side of the blade and fix the wrench. This wrench will keep it straight. The wood piece will secure the blade from turning.

While fixing the blade, keep in mind that you don’t have to fix it tightly. Just set it lightly. You will have to fix it counterclockwise. While working in the reverse method there is the chance of the blades being loosened. It may prove dangerous as there is the possibility of being injured. Though it is a problematic issue to always keep checking the state of the blade, you have to do it for ensuring safety.

Because there is the danger of being harmed if your blades get loosen or tighten too much. Loosening and tightening are part of ensuring the safety of are table saw blades reverse threaded. As it is related to the reverse threaded table saw blades then let’s check it out.

How can you tighten the blade on a table saw?

It’s an easy operation to tighten or loosen the nut of the blade at the same time, it is very risky. If you are thinking of tightening your table saw blade then unplug the saw before starting. This must be ensured first. It is a point to be noted because if your table saw is not unplugged that will prove risky for you. After that, you will need a socket wrench to tighten the arbour.

Though you’ve unplugged your saw there is still the chance of being injured. Well, I will suggest never to hold it barehanded. Your hand might cut off. You might lose your grip on the blade and it might occur accidents.

When your table saw blade is rotating backward, the keen teeth can injure you. Even after pressing the stop button, the blade can spin for a minute. So, wait until it’s fully stopped. When you are done with taking safety now it’s time to start the tightening procedure. 

Tightening procedure

Check saw if your table saw has a shaft lock. If it has a shaft lock then lock the blade when you are turning the arbour nut so that, it doesn’t move. Now, tighten the nut by holding the blade with the help of a wrench.

Which way you should rotate the nut?

Look at your table saw blade while it is spinning. The focus in which way the blade is rotating. You will have to fix the nut in the opposite direction of the blade’s rotation. If you don’t do this carefully then whenever you will use your saw, the bolt will get detached because of the blade’s rotation. As a result, the blade will fall off and any accident can take place.

We knew that are table saw blades reverse threaded. As a right tilted table saw spin counter-clockwise you’ve to tighten the nut clockwise. With the help of a wrench hold the flange so that it doesn’t rotate while tightening the blade. On the other hand, use a socket wrench or a spanner in order to fix the bolt in the opposite direction in which the blade rotates.

Now, test your blade if it is fixed properly by spinning your blades on your table saw. Try to avoid the tools which are not maintained in a proper way. Using these poorly maintained tools can be the reason for a dangerous accident.

If you think you can’t do it in a good way then take help from a professional. You must also be aware of how much tight your table saw blade be.

How to loosen your table saw blade?

There is not much difference between tightening and loosening the blade. You will have to unplug the saw, remove the blade guard, and should be on the operator’s side. You will have to hold the flange with a wrench in order to stop the blade’s rotation. With another wrench or spanner loosen the blade but you’ve to keep holding the previous one.

Check the blade if it loosens as per your need. For making your blade lose you will have to rotate the nut in which way the blade spins. As you already know, a right tilted saw spins counter-clockwise, you have to rotate the nut in the same way in order to make it lose.


While using a right tilted table saw which is reversely threaded always be aware because any accident can occur. Every year many woodworkers meet with unwanted accidents as they work with table saw blades. For the lack of awareness, they become the victim of the table saw blade accident. So, there are several awareness that one should follow to avoid accidents.

Having proper knowledge about every part

Before using a table saw you will have to know about every part of the table saw. Learn about applications properly. Get the basic idea. If it is not being clear to you then ask for help from an expert. While fixing the parts you will have to be extra careful, I am repeating. we knew that are table saw blades reverse threaded.

Because this is the only time when you have more chances to face accidents. If your blade has become dull then sharpen them. It is because your blade might lose its working power and might burn the wood.

Along with this, as it is not sharpened then the result will also not come well. So, you have to be careful about this too.

Keep checking the state of the blade

As you know that because of the use of the reverse method the nut gets loosen. So, it is risky that because of the nut getting loose, the blade can fall off. You have to be more aware of this; this the reason why many accidents are occurring every year.

If you’re not enough conscious about this then this accident can happen to you too. It is a kind of problematic job but you’ve to do this. You must check the blade from time to time. When it comes to the question of tightening the blade you’ve to be careful not to tighten it too much.

If you tighten it too much then it will create a problem while working. How much you should tighten the blade already I have described it to you.

Be aware of the kickback

You should not give more pressure while working. It might throw it back to you. Just keep sharpening, changing, and cleaning your blade from time to time. If you don’t do these then it might prove harmful for you.

When a get a kickback what happens is, the wood piece comes towards you and hits you and you don’t get the time to remove your hand from the saw. As a result, your hand gets cut. So, for avoiding accidents this is a must for you to stay aware all the time.

More information about table saw blades you should know

Already you have known that right tilted are table saw blades are reverse threaded. Now, you might have the thirst for knowing more information related to this as a woodworker.

Which table saw blade is best for ripping?

The more teeth a blade has, the more smoothly it would cut woods. Well, ripping and cutting a blade of 40 teeth is preferable.  Because a blade is 40 teeth cut faster than a 50 teeth blade as a primary blade.

Is a blade with more teeth better?

Well, this answer depends on you. Because, a blade with more teeth cut woods smoothly and on the other hand, a blade with fewer teeth works fast in comparison with a blade with more teeth. So, if you want to cut wood smoothly then choose a blade with more teeth and if you want to cut wood faster then choose a blade with fewer teeth.

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Should you sharpen your table saw blades?

For using a table saw blade for a long time this is the best idea to sharpen your blade. If your table saw blade has been dull then you can sharpen your blade instead of buying a new one. This method will help to cut wood nicely, at the same time, the expense of buying a new one will be saved.

How many times a blade can be sharpened?

There is not any definite answer to this question. It depends on the state of your blade. If your blade is too dull to cut woods then it’s time to change the blade. After you clean the blade for the 2nd or 3rd time then it’s time to change or sharpen your blade.

How high should a table saw blade be?

There are two ways. The first one is, the blade will be a little bit higher than the wood. Another way is, the blade should be well above the height of the wood. As per the general rule, the blade should be 1/8” higher than the wood piece. Well, keep in mind that the best cut is the one which you cut safely.

If you lose your finger while giving the best cut, then it will not be called the best cut. I will also recommend not to use any bigger blade in a table saw which is designed for using a small blade. A big blade requires more power which obviously a small table saw for small blades can’t provide.

For what a kickback is caused on a table saw?

Every year there occur a lot of tables saw injuries. In most of the case, the reason of these injuries is kickback. Here the word kickback means suddenly wood gets rebuked without giving any warning towards the operator with high speed. While cutting woods with a table saw blade, you have to push the wood towards the blade of your table saw.

While pushing it towards the blade, it might lose pressure against the fence. As it gets distracted, it quickly comes back in the direction from where it comes. It means it comes towards the worker. This is how a kickback occurs in a table saw. 

Is a table saw blade guard required?

Basically, most of us think that a blade guard is used for keeping our fingers safe, which is wrong. Because, if your finger is too close to a blade, it will cut off your finger. A blade guard can’t do anything in that. The positive part is, it will remind you how much distance you should maintain between the fingers and the blade.

How to change a table saw blade?

If you find your table saw blade dull then it’s time to change the blade. For that, you will have to turn the power off firstly. Now, it’s time to remove the blade plate. After removing this, remove the blade.

It is the hardest and the dangerous job. Be extremely careful while removing the blade. With the help of a wrench slowly open the nut. You have to rotate the nut in the same way which way the blade spins.

Your little mistake can be proved very harmful for you. Install new blade and blade plate. Fix it. While fixing, you have to rotate the nut clockwise as a right tilted saw blade rotates counterclockwise. Do not tighten it too much. And you are done changing your table saw blade.

Why did table see blades often burn wood?

The reason behind wood burn by table saw blades is the excessive heat produced by the blade. If the blade is dull then it doesn’t work that well. A dull blade can’t cut quickly as a sharp blade. As a result, it works slowly and this is the main reason behind the fact of wood getting burnt.

There can be another reason behind the fact of wood getting burnt and that is using an incorrect speed of a blade. If you don’t use the proper speed that woods require for cutting then maybe wood gets burnt.

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Final Thoughts

As a woodworker, you must know every little information about table saw blades which are provided in this article. As right tilted are table saw blades are reversely threaded while using the reverse method the blade can get loosen. And it happens because of the spinning of the blade.

Although you might find it hard to keep checking the state of the nut, you will have to do it in order to ensure safety. Otherwise, you might have to pay a lot for your incognizance. Though you have to face troubles, the service it will give will be satisfying for sure.





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